BREAKING: Love Island's Josh And Kaz Have Broken Up!

BREAKING: Love Island's Josh And Kaz Have Broken Up!

All good things must come to an end. Some not so good things, also, have to come to an end. Some things that, may have initially seemed to be good but as time went on became evident that they were less good than may have initially been assumed must also come to an end. And, it is with those words still fresh in our mind that I regret to bring you the news that Josh and Kaz from Love Island have broken up.

This comes hot on the heels of Megan and Wes announcing their split last week. Truly we are witnessing the end-times (of fiscally motivated celebrity romances).

Kaz announced the break-up in a post on Instagram saying, somewhat enigmatically that 'Sometimes things don't go the way you planned'. Now we're assuming that this, coupled with the photo being of her and Josh lovingly embracing, is to imply that they've broken up.

The last post that Josh has uploaded to his Instagram is from three days ago and is captioned "My Boy: “... bro don’t make it awkward and look, but there’s the girl I fancy.” my dumb ass...". We can only assume that this bears absolutely no relation to the break-up.


This means Jack and Dani are now the only couple remaining from last summer's season of Love Island. Though given the constant rumours that have been circulating around Love Island couples pretending to 'break up' for publicity reasons, could this perhaps be the reason. After all, they've gotten exactly what they wanted and now, having this article written about them by CollegeTimes, have scaled the illustrious heights to the summit of desirable publicity.

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