It's A Good Friday For The Graham Norton Show's Line-Up

It's A Good Friday For The Graham Norton Show's Line-Up

If you are to believe the Christians - and they seem quite insistent that we all should - then, on this day, some 1986 years ago, a certain Jesus Christ died on a cross. I feel - and I could very much be wrong on this front - that, at that moment, if he were able to see forward into the future, to this day, and see that his legacy would be commemorated by the presence of some mid-to-high tier celebrities trading anecdotes on The Graham Norton Show's sofa, he would've thought it fitting.

While I am unsure as to whether there will be any explicit commemorations of the passing of J.C. on this evening's Graham Norton Show - such as Graham supervising an audience member while they piously eat a large sea bass while saying a rosary - I'm sure, subtextually, the evening will be throbbing with Christian sentiment. As such, there has been assembled what can only be described as a crack team of guests to help see things along in this regard.

The two big-hitters, the headliners if you will, are Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson who will be swanning onto the show to help bring to your attention the fact that they have made a movie. The name of this movie is The Hustle and they would desperately like for you to go and see it. Should you still be on the fence with regard to this, then please, tune in to hear their case later and see if they give a better account of themselves than I do.

There will also be everybody's favourite  former child-wizard - in that he was formerly a child, not that he was ever formerly, or currently a wizard - Daniel Radcliffe. Contrary to rumours that he simply wandered onto the set after accidentally getting lost in the BBC television studios while in the building to attend a separate meeting, he is actually there is part of the vast promotional machine for the upcoming children's animated movie Playmobil: The Movie.

Jodie Comer will be filling up any remaining sofa-space with the explicit intent of clearing any doubt in your mind as to whether she'll be returning to play Villanelle in the second season of Killing Eve - she will.

Music will be provided by Mabel, who will perform her current single 'Don't Call Me Up'. At the conclusion of this, she may also make her way over to the couch for a similarly heady mix of banter, contractually obligated promotional messages and expressing reverence for the passing of Jesus Christ.


The Graham Norton Show starts at 10:30pm on BBC One.

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