Twitter Hilariously Reacts To This Amazing Photo Of Jedward In Court

Twitter Hilariously Reacts To This Amazing Photo Of Jedward In Court

The double act had a mental few weeks and they'll be thrilled to discover they've gone viral again...

A couple of weeks ago we reported that John and Edward Grimes were pelted with plastic bottles at a student gig and now the pair have been brought to court over merchandise. Patrick Joseph Noonan claimed he lost over €625,000 from Jedward merchandise which included items like wristbands, jigsaws, and board games.

In true Jedward fashion, the pair arrived in matching suits and looked set shoot a music video rather than settle a claim. Although the case was eventually settled outside of court everyone couldn't help but laugh at Jedwards barrister who may or may not have been a fan of their work.

We imagine the barrister had his hands full with the overactive pair and quite possibly was questioning his chosen career:


Some thought this move solidified the pair as "national treasures", although we're not sure if that's Irish or British national treasures. We'll have to wait and see if the British claim the lads as their own.

The fiasco made the front pages of world-renowned newspapers which didn't appeal to Jedward naysayers:


Everyone is in agreement: The internet sorely needed a new 'mood' meme:


Jokes aside, who can give us the answer to this important question:

Oh, Jedward.

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