Is This Youtube Star The First 'Love Island' Contestant For 2018?

Is This Youtube Star The First 'Love Island' Contestant For 2018?

It feels like Love Island ended 10 minutes ago and yet fans are already gearing up for summer 2018, which, in fairness, does seem like an awfully long time away - 10 months to be exact.

Thankfully, we have some news to share about the first Love Island contestant for the 2018 series. Katie Snooks, a well-known British Youtuber and social media personality, has hinted she will be appearing on the next edition of Love Island.

Katie is a photography graduate who Youtubes the latest fashion and beauty trends and is pals with fellow vlogging sensation Zoella. The news broke from Snooks's Twitter account as she tweeted out a screenshot of an email with the subject header "Love Island 2018."

Fans of the Youtuber, including Zoella, tweeted messages of encouragement with many insisting they'd vote for her if she decided to appear on the 2018 series:




Fans think the Youtuber would be perfect for the series as she is no stranger to discussing her love life, openly vlogging about her "worst" dates.Here's Katie vlogging about an over-enthusiastic guy she met on Tinder, which gives you a fairly good idea of how real she'd be on the show:

To find out more about Katie visit her Youtube channel here. Katie also appeared on a BBC documentary entitled Me, My Spots And I which you can watch on the BBC iPlayer.

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