5 Reasons Why Derry Girls Is The Class TV Show You're Not Watching

5 Reasons Why Derry Girls Is The Class TV Show You're Not Watching

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Derry Girls is one of the most talked about shows on TV at the moment.

The class comedy got a massive reaction when it arrived on our screens a few weeks ago, so much so, that a second series was commissioned by Channel 4 after just one episode.

As well as testing out our slang, the show which focuses on 16-year-old Erin Quinn (Saoirse Monica Jackson) and her group of friends, has solid reasons why we need to be watching it.

1. It's set against the backdrop of the Troubles

Bombings, threats, territorial conflict- hardly the sort of stuff that would have your sides splitting. Yet the show skilfully derives good comedy from what was a bleak period in Irish history, humorously portraying ordinary every-day life.

Writer Lisa McGee previously told The Belfast Telegraph: “Anything set during the Troubles tends to be a bit grim and bleak, but that just wasn’t my experience of Derry as a child and a teenager . It was a joyful place – I’d like to celebrate that."

2. The one-liners are gas so they are!



3. Tommy Tiernan's in it

The legendary comedian hasn't appeared in a sitcom since the largely forgotten Small Potatoes, which wrapped up in 2001, so it's a real treat for fans to watch him in character again. Tommy plays schoolgirl Erin's dad in the show.

4. For the nostalgia

We're back in 1994 - cue quotes from Pulp Fiction and class tunes from the likes of House of Pain and The Cranberries (the latter brings a touch of poignancy given Dolores O' Riordan's recent passing). Throw in a style guide of mousse-scrunched hair, hoop earrings and double denim and Derry Girls is thick with nostalgia.


5. It represents teenagers everywhere

Although the majority of us can't relate to what it was like growing up during the Troubles, the show hits the nail in the head when it comes to portraying 16-year-old girls.

Popularity, tight-knit friendships, your parents wrecking your head, fancying some bloke who doesn't know you exist. It was a great time!

Derry Girls is on tonight, Thursday on Channel 4, 10pm

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