Someone On Twitter Has A Lengthy Theory That Joey Was Rachel's Lobster All Along

Someone On Twitter Has A Lengthy Theory That Joey Was Rachel's Lobster All Along

The people of twitter seem to think so..

It's been thirteen years since the Friends gang got their last cup of coffee and the show's popularity has yet to wane. Even after all this time, there are arguments that get fans into a sweat. Who was the funniest friend? Were Ross and Rachel really on a break? Should Rachel have ended up with Joey instead of Ross?

The latest one is causing a storm on Twitter. Last night, user @kaneandgriffin (freelance writer Erin) posted a succession of tweets defending Joey and Rachel's relationship - while beating down Ross in the process. And a lot of people seem in agreement that Joey was in fact, Rachel's lobster.

Erin refers to Ross as "one of television's all-time worst human men" and says that they never had a proper friendship to begin with. "We're always told that Ross/Rachel was a "friends to lovers" ship but WHAT IS THAT BASED ON??? WHAT FUCKING FRIENDSHIP??"


"He had a crush on her in high school, so he "claimed" her first, and long after they've broken up he resents every man in her life."

She insists that Joey, on the other hand was the real deal and argues that his love for Rachel came from a close friendship.

"He has to LEARN to see Rachel as a romantic prospect because she's always been a friend first. Which was NEVER true for Ross."

Do you agree that Joey was the better man for Rachel? We're sure you're losing many a sleepless night over it..



Niamh Burke

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