Cosmopolitan's List Of Top 30 Irish Baby Names Is... Something Else

Cosmopolitan's List Of Top 30 Irish Baby Names Is... Something Else

There's a fascination that surrounds Ireland if you're not from here.

Whether it's the Celtic mysticism (word to Colm Meaney), the fact we have our own language (always called Gaelic, never Irish or Gaeilge), or the sheer beauty of our expanses, Ireland is marvelled at by the outside world.

Marvelled at, but never really grasped by a vast amount of people.

Cosmolpolitan UK collected a list of '30 Popular Irish Baby Names that (Sham) Rock' and lads, let us tell you that it is something else.

You have all the usually suspects, the names popularised by famous faces. There's your Liams and Caitlins, a surprising run out for Cian up the top end of the list, which is entirely unexpected.

Of course, coming in at number ten is Saoirse, along with a customary pronunciation guide.

"One of the most popular names in the world right now owes a large part of its fame to Irish Oscar-nominated actor Saoirse Ronan. Now if the rest of the world could just get that pronunciation down. P.S. it's "ser-sha/sur-sha" (thank me later)."


The name chosen at number 11 is 'Ronan', which is pretty funny, right?

Then at 13, you get to your first egregious error. Although 'Shea' was the eighth name on the list, and was attributed as a girl's name, it's close enough to 'Shay' to get a pass. However, at 13, you have 'Blaine'. That's right, how many people do you know called Blaine? That's right, NONE.

At 16, we have 'Arlen'. Can all the people named Arlen please let themselves be known, because we have never heard of your name in all our years.

Then at 21 and 23, we see the crux of why this list is so confusing. At 21 and 23 respectively are Brady and Quinn. Now, these are American first names, but they are Irish surnames. In Ireland, no one in their right mind is going to call their child Brady, unless it's their surname and they don't have a choice. Interestingly though, Brady Quinn is the name of a former NFL quarterback. He was most definitely American, though, and not Irish.

Down the bottom of this list, anarchy reigns. Grady gets a shout out at number 27, despite the fact that it's again a surname. At 28, though, is 'Shawn'. Not Sean, although Cosmo call Sean the "Irish spelling", but Shawn. I thought these were 'Irish baby names', not bastardised versions of Irish baby names. Sean, fada or not, is the only correct spelling if you're to denote the name as Irish. Any variation is not Irish. This list is killing us.

Last, but certainly not least, is 'Ireland'. That's right, compound your Irishness by calling your child IRELAND. I think this should be a theme going forward, naming your child after your favourite country.


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