10 Reasons Why You Need To Get Away This Summer

1. Don't fool yourself. You might have actually left the house everyday during the college year but you will turn into a hermit if you have nothing to do during your summer holidays.
2.  When your parents revert to treating you like your sixteen year old self, you will revert to acting like 16 year old self.
3. You will spend 99.9% of your summer online.
4. Probably giving out about your parents.
5. Personal hygiene levels will reach an all time low.
6.  Even though you'd think you'd jump at the chance to do something productive, weeks of lying around the house watching every movie and TV show ever made will actually make you even lazier.
7.  In all likelihood, the Irish summer will entail a slightly milder temperature with just as much, if not more, rain.
8. You won't get out of your pyjama's. EVER.
9.  Food is now the most exciting part of your day.
10.  And going back to college after being mothered by an Irish Mammy for three months will be like learning to walk all over again.

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Emma Sweeney

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