10 Reasons Why Girls Should Live With Other Girls.

Contemplating whether to live with girls or boys? Here’s some of the best bits of living with your girlfriends.


Because girls have always got your back



They offer valuable outfit/style guidance, in advance of a night out.



That ominous hairy sink typical of boy-house is noticeably absent.


You can watch America’s Next Top Model/ Made In Chelsea in good company.



Their advice tends to be more sympathetic/accurate/ efficient than that of their male counterparts.


You can hang underwear up to dry without feeling terribly self-conscious.



You’ll all share a vast combined wardrobe resource for swapping clothes.


They’re better at gossiping.



 Girls are far less likely to play “hilarious pranks” such as the old bowl of water on top of the door-frame, etc.


Some girls are far more gifted than others when it comes to applying make-up. Be sure to put the skills of those around you to good use.


Julia O' Mahony

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