10 Reasons Why You're Still Unemployed After College

For many of us, college is well and truly finished, and the creeping terror of Graduation approaches, when high-flying pals will return to tell us about life as young professionals, and then ask what we're up to. Here's some possible reasons as to why you haven't quite pinned down gainful employment in time for the big day.


You haven't left your room in weeks and even the prospect makes you very nervous





You've got a terrible handshake


You’re reluctant to leave your bed, let alone the house, before eleven


You’ve mistakenly turned down a reasonable job, because you thought you had a better one in the pipeline



People keep offering you internships





You can’t face another stint of waitressing/bar work, now that you’re a graduate


You don't know how to use Excel





You’ve got an arts degree



You haven’t got experience in anything other than missing lectures


You’re certainly not willing to travel


Anything we missed out on? Let us know below...

Julia O' Mahony

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