The Process of Procrastination

It’s exam season eeeeeeeeek. These days it's just hard to focus when there are so many distractions. As soon as you finish this article you need to go and study okay???? Excellent.

So here’s how the story goes...


Fool yourself into believing you'll start tomorrow.

2. Relax

Sure tomorrow doesn't start until I get out of bed...right? I just want to stay in this comfy cacoon forever.

Ahhh good ole Facebook....


3. Deny

Pffft who needs college anyway?


4. Realise

 I do...







7.  Become Productive  (finally)


8. Hit a wall


9. Have a Meltdown



 10. Get Determined

11. Finish

12. Feel Relief

13. Celebrate

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Vicky Britton

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