14 Things DCU Students Don’t Want To Hear

Located in the heart of Ballymun, DCU is best known for its high performing GAA players, Toxic Tuesday and The Helix. If you are a current student of DCU or even an Alumni, you will understand some of these first world problems that DCU students face on a daily basis..

1.     ‘There are no chicken fillet rolls left in Spar…’

2.  ‘Lads Mickey Joe Harte will be headlining the Summer Ball….’

3. ‘Toxic Tuesday has been cancelled and will not be coming back…’


4. ‘Campus Print is not open today, you have to print your essay in the Henry Grattan…’

5. ‘Your car is being clamped outside The Hub….F*ck!’

6. ‘They have run out of Goujons And Chips in the NuBar….’


7. ‘Registry is closed from 1 – 2.30pm today….Agggghh’

8. ‘Moodle is down and won’t be accessible for the next 24 hours…’

9. ‘You are not eligible for compensation, see you in August!’


10. ‘Reni (Grumpy Spar Man) is smiling at you…. Ehhhh?’

11. ‘The SU has decided to bring exams forward and have them before Christmas…’

12.  ‘Messy Mondays has been cancelled and will be moved to The Slipper’


13. ‘The students have spoken. DCU will be re affiliating with USI….Ughhh’


14. 'Domino's won't deliver to the Hub, you gotta pick it up from Collins Avenue...'


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