11 Fictional Schools You Really Wanted To Attend

We all had to do it - attendance at those monotonous schools was compulsory. But every day, once the bell rang, we could run home and lose ourselves in the beauty of fictional school. A place where you could study what you wanted - what your favourite characters did. You could join the Glee club or the cheerleading squad or the Quidditch team and forget about the other eejits in your class for another day, where the most interesting thing you did was play the recorder.

11. St Trinian's

This is the ultimate school for bag girls; whether you watched one of the original five, the two reboots or read the original books, you'd know that this isn't the usual English boarding school. The girls smoked, drank, and gambled, while the principal bitched at them. Yeah, sounds about right.

10. Sunnydale High School

Sure, the place was rife with vampires and other demonic hellspawn, but Buffy was there and you could watch her kick ass like nobody's business. You could go to school with Willow and Xander, and maybe just join their clique. Dang, Giles was just the best mentor ever.


9. Bayside High School

'Saved By The Bell' was a staple of nineties' teen comedies, and why did you want to go there? Depending on your sexual preference, it was Zach Morris or Kelly Kapowski. Swoon. But now Screech is creepy as hell and the original series has been off the air for, count 'em, 21 years.

8. Rydell High

With fabulous hair, spontaneous outbursts of song, and enviable wardrobe choices, 'Grease' made us want to have sex on a beach, without us really knowing what it meant. Sure, it didn't harm us, did it? Did it?


7. Horace Green Prep School

Sure, the actual school from 'School of Rock' had pretension down to a fine art but, as usual, Jack Black came to save the day with his usual brand of rock-based shenanigans. In his class, everyone had a place and they were all great in their roles. Inclusiveness ftw.

6. Shermer High School

'The Breakfast Club' was the quintessential high school movie of the eighties and is still considered one of the best. No lie, it kind of made me want to get detention, but now I know that I wouldn't have made a lifelong connection with the other fuck-ups who joined me. How disappointing.


5. North Shore High School

Oh, 'Mean Girls'. The film that spawned a million memes, and saw Lindsay Lohan in her last big role, is still as popular as ever. In this school, Tina Fey would be your teacher, you'd get involved in huge physical fights with the others in your class, and you'd realise that butter is a carb. What's not to love? So fetch.

4. William McKinley High

There have been a few fictitious high schools of this particular name, but if you are at all adept with Netflix, you have checked out the glory of 'Freaks and Geeks'. It pretty much kick-started the careers of many of today's comedic talents, including Jason Segel and Seth Rogen, and it's still probably the best work most of them have produced. So, big question, are you a freak or a geek?


3. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Okay, really, who didn't want to be a part of the X-Men, to be nurtured by Professor X and remain on the side of good; depending, of course, on your own personal affiliations? Sure, if you're going to be a weirdo, you may as well get a power out of it, right?

2. Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizadry

The be all and end all of fictional schools, it's on perhaps every list of fictional schools we want(-ed) to attend, even if you don't like Harry Potter. The nerdier among you may even know the House into which you would be sorted. Potions class would've been a hell of a lot more fun than Chemistry or whatever else they tried to throw at us. I know I would've excelled at Defense Against The Dark Arts. Yes.

1. Lawndale High

Another fictional school that brought hours of entertainment, once real school had ended. Lawndale High is the school of Daria Morgendorffer, better known as 'Daria'. It heavily satirised high school life, including all of the stereotypes you could think of. However, they put up with Daria's sarcasm and loathing for her fellow students, and life in general, which made it hella appealing. On a side note, that history teacher should have been heavily sedated.


Emma Hyland

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