11 Signs That Your Relationship Has Gotten Serious

11 Signs That Your Relationship Has Gotten Serious

Relationships are funny; one minute you're embarrassed about your morning hair and the next you realize that grooming is a thing of the long-forgotten about past. It's a sign that you've got a good thing going when you don't have to worry about shit like that, but how do you know when you've gotten to the stage where it's okay to pee in the shower? Well here are 11 signs that it's gotten serious...

1. You can't remember who owns what anymore.

Even though you're wearing a shirt two sizes too big for you that fits him/her perfectly, did the other person ever REALLY own that shirt??


2. You hang out at their house with their family even if they're not at home.

You're basically another member of the family now. Which means her mom yells at you for leaving your shit around the place too. And that's just totally normal.

3. Their second cousin twice removed knows all about you.

Family gatherings are never awkward because everyone knows who you are, how old you are, what you want to do after college and what your parents do. Okay who am I kidding, that's totally awkward. But at least you don't have to talk to them.

4. You joke about getting married and having 15 kids all the time.

This kind of thing sends most people running, but for you guys it's totally normal to announce to your parents that you're pregnant, or have decided to elope. Every Tuesday.


5. There's no pressure to do anything - have sex, put clothes on, brush your teeth etc.

You've literally stopped caring about how bad your breath stinks in the morning. In fact, they should just be honoured to be in your presence. #FACT.

6. You've stopped noticing how hot their best friend is.

She's still incredibly hot, but you don't really care anymore because their best friend probably wouldn't let you pee in the shower or use your socks as mops and it's the little things that count.

7. You know ALL their dirty secrets.

You know all of their gross, dirty, guilty little secrets. In fact, they'll probably never dump you now because you know too much.


8. It's impossible to insult them AT ALL.

There's literally no insult that will work on them anymore. "Fuck you", "Okay I will". "Kiss my ass" - "Love to".

9. Although you try very hard on a regular basis.

And yet, nothing.

10. Nothing they do grosses you out anymore.

Or rather, it still grosses you out, but you don't care because you love them all the way down to their manky, overgrown toenails. And besides, you're probably just as gross as they are.


11. Everything you say is an inside joke.

It pisses off your friends to no end, but you can't help yourself, you just love having this secret meaning to everything that only you and your SO understand.

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