11 Things Harry Potter Fans Know All Too Well

Fantasy lovers everywhere get a raw deal, but as a Harry Potter fan in college you know you have to hide your obsession a little bit. But don't worry, here in College Times Towers we've created a safe haven for you to come and practice magic away from the judging eyes of muggles.

1) It's Not Just For Kids.

It's a riveting, complicated plot full of twists and you've obviously never read the books if you think it's for kids.

2) Not Having Friends Who Are As Obsessed As You.

When you love something as much as this you forget that not everyone loves the magical world that JK Rowling created that is so much better than the real world no matter what anyone says.

3) Living For the New Material on Pottermore

The seventh book came out eight years ago and the final film instalment was released four years ago. Let that sink in for a second. Pottermore and JK Rowling's unreleased material is the only fix you have. Ahem, Ms. Rowling. We're waiting.

4) Pieces of Your Soul Dying With Characters.

Re-reading/re-watching the series and needing counselling after the deaths of all your favourite characters. Fred and Dobby? SIRIUS? Really?! It was worse than Game of Thrones for killing people off.

5) Owning Every DVD Plus Special Features Disc.

Yet recording every movie when it airs on TV and watching any of them that are on at Christmas. Just in case. (Only HP fans will get that reference).

6) Knowing That the Movies Will Never Compare To the Books.

As true fans, we know that they left far too many important details out of the movies. Every detail was important to us, so any deleted scenes were a slap in the face/feels.

7) Getting Lost in the Deepest Pits of the Internet/Tumblr, Searching for Fan Theories.

Because sometimes, even Pottermore ain't enough and you have an assignment due in 45 minutes.

8) Checking the Walls in King's Cross Station.

Out of sheer false hope and desperation. And curiousity. So what if I'm 21, it could still happen...

9) Reading the Books for the 394th Time.

And only understanding that reference because you're a real fan.

10) Growing to Love Some Hateful Characters

Because you know that almost every bad guy was a Slytherin, but not every Slytherin was bad. Just a little misunderstood. We're looking at you Malfoys/Slughorn/Severus. All the fair-weather fans still think that they're all bad.

11) Knowing Why You Never Got Your Hogwarts Letter

And you're OK with it because you know it was all in the name of defeating Voldemort. You didn't want to be an Auror anyway, being an accountant is just fine.

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