12 Really Annoying People At Football Matches

Whether it's a friendly or a cup final, we all go to football matches to enjoy the game, although whether or not you actually do enjoy it is entirely dependent on your team winning. But some people in the crowd just seem to have this talent for taking the fun out of the thing even before the team you support inevitably loses. Here is a list of some of these people.

12) The "Expert."

Possibly the most annoying type of person, especially to people who actually do know a lot about the game, but just choose not to brag about it. This person talks about certain tactics, players and history that they are convinced they know everything about, when in fact you're sitting there listening to them using every ounce of self-control that you have to not turn around and correct everything they've said since the start of the match.

11) Children.

I know I sound like Scrooge when I say this, and I know that not all kids are bad, but some of them just want to scream as loud as they can, unintentionally hitting everyone around them in the head with the flag they're trying to wave that's way too big for them.

10) Unnecessarily Loud People.

Complaining about noise levels at a football match makes me sound like a grumpy old man, but I'm not talking about people who cheer. I'm talking about the people who ramble non-stop throughout the game, often with no idea what they are talking about (see the first point).


9) People Who Clearly Have No Interest.

Constantly checking their phone, talking to their friends or looking for the talent in the crowd, I have no idea why these people pay so much money to do nothing more than sit down, because it's pretty obvious they have no interest in what's happening on the pitch. Oh and for the record, I actively encourage the search for talent in the crowd, as long as it's during a break in play. The camera men at the World Cup are great examples of this.

8) The Anger Management Case.

Anyone who supports a football team is entitled to get angry at their team from time to time, with the frequency of these outbursts being directly proportional to how well their team might be doing that year. However, some people just don't know how to enjoy the game, and find issues with every aspect of the game, from the referee, to the other team, and even the crowd.

7) Tall People (Sitting In Front Of You).

With big stupid heads that block your view of half of the pitch. Crowds should be segregated according to height.


6) Drunk People.

Again, I'm all for getting drunk, just not so much so that I annoy everyone around me at the match and combine the traits of loud people, the "experts" and the people who don't care all into one person.

5) Smokers.

There's smoking areas in stadia for a reason, and that reason is so that some idiot isn't blowing smoke into your face for 90 minutes.

4) Grumpy People.

Not quite as outspoken as the anger management cases, but equally annoying, especially if one of the people that you have gone to the game with is one. Sitting there with their arms folded and refusing to get involved in any of the cheering or fun, all because of something stupid like the seats aren't quite as good as they thought they'd be.


3) Bandwagoners.

Also known as fair weather supporters, they only show up at the business end of the season when the team is competing for trophies. They can also be seen posting status after status about the team around this time, when six months ago they wouldn't have been able to name 3 players on the team. Actually, come to think of it, they still can't do that.

2) Pitch Invaders Who Aren't Streakers.

They want all the attention that comes with a being a streaker without having the bottle to take their clothes off. So instead of watching a hilarious chase involving numerous stewards and one naked guy, we just have to wait for some idiot to get off the pitch so that the game can start again.

1) Overly Abusive People.

Emotions can get the best of all of us at matches sometimes, and swearing is all part of it. However, some people get way too into it, dishing out relentless, filthy abuse to everyone on the pitch. This can get pretty annoying after a very short space of time, unless of course the person is funny, in which case the more abuse they throw out the better.

David Sweeney
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David has the most relevant qualifications of all of the writers at CollegeTimes, having just completed 3 years of an Electrical Engineering degree in UCD.

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