12 Bohemian Icons To Inspire You This Festival Season

It's summer and that means there are tons of festivals to attend. If you are needing any inspiration for hair, makeup, clothes, or accessories, you've come to the right place. Here are 10 iconic bohemian looks to inspire your inner fashionista. Warning: You may look as though you've just fucked Mick Jagger circa 1972 in some of these styles.

1. Talitha Getty

Think: Multi-coloured shimmering Moroccan dresses, wide-brimmed hats and cheesecloth.


2. Anita Pallenberg

Think: Thigh-skimming mini and lots of faux-fur.



3. Biana Jagger

Think: Festival pass strapped to your skyscraper wedge heels.



4. Jane Birkin

Think: Shift min-dresses, denim hot-pants, lashing of black eyeliner.


5. Pamela Des Barres


Think: Anything a bit mad. Top hats, flowers woven through your hair, facepaint.


5. Chaka Khan

Think: Anything big, bold and glittery.



6. Stevie Nicks

Think: Long, wispy dresses, bell sleeves, shawls...anything loose and ethereal.


8. Jerry Hall


Think: Big hair and tiny everything else.


8. Cher

Think: Loud patterns, florals and a sleek '60s cat eye.




The department store where the ultimate boho babes shopped, right in the heart of London. That is, when they weren't finding gems at market stalls in Ibiza and Marrakech obvs- Take a peek inside...




10. Ossie Clark

THE designer of the era...


11. Terry de Havviland

This shoe designers platforms were the only shoe to be seen in, we can see why...


12. Kate Bush

This romantic wild haired goddess epitomises the bohemian spirit, watch all of her music videos right now for a direct hit of festival inspo...


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Credit: thequeenoftheprom

Aoife Loughnane

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