11 Days Students Shouldn't Have To Go To College

There are many complaints we find ourselves making in college. Too many essays, too many fees and too little money. But something needs to be pointed out. Something that no one has yet come out and said. There are some days in the year that we should get off. Some days, our hangover will take over our bodies and we will need time to recover. These days need to be rectified. These are the 11 Days We Shouldn't Have To Go To College.

1) Mondays

I'm just putting it out there. When I go out on Saturday's I am still in a hoop on Mondays, so, your college should really make allowances for that. We could make a 2-day hangover an official holiday. This would make us ready to face the world on Tuesday and guarantee no one misses their Tuesday 9am lecture. The phrase 'I hate mondays', will become 'Mondays...just love them'.

2) March 18th (The Day After Paddy's Day)

Yes, it is just fantastic that we get Paddy's Day off. We drink all day and night. We even dress in our green, white and orange and sing Ireland's Call. But what about the next day? You hardly expect us to be productive the day after, do you? We will be hanging like an orangutan from a tree, and, very very  few will make it into college the next day. Give us two days, we deserve it.


3) Holiday Recovery Day

You have decided to go on a trip mid-term. You have had an activity filled holiday and you now need to recover. We should really get a Holiday Recovery Day. That way we can be back to normal the day after. College wouldn't want half assed work now would they?

4) Birthdays

It is your party and you can cry if you want to. You should be able to do whatever you want. This day revolves around you. You deserve a day off to reflect on your life so far. Congratulations you have survived your journey.


5) April Fool's Day

If we had a whole day off for April Fool's Day just think of the pranks we could pull. You would have unlimited time to carry them out and people would take it as a serious challenge. You wouldn't be able avoid it because this day off is to celebrate it.

6) Pancake Tuesday

Realistically, we should all be allowed sit around all day eating pancakes. And, even if you don't like pancakes, you will forced to eat them. All shops can only sell pancake supplies that day or else their staff will be arrested. As you can tell, I take Pancake Tuesday very seriously.


7) Leap Day

It happens every four years so let's rejoice in it's glory. Let's take that day to do something we wouldn't normally do. Let's treat it like the Scott Disick of days. It is rich, over the top and spoilt. It only comes around every fours years so we will make sure we enjoy it.

8) Mother's & Father's Day

Many people don't take these two days seriously. Many people don't even get their parents a card. But just think if we had a day off from college we would appreciate it a lot more. Therefore, giving our parents with a lovely gift. Let's make it happen.


9) Valentine's Day

If we got the whole day off for Valentine's day, all the singletons out there would enjoy it a lot more. The night before everyone could hit the town and get sh*t faced and then spend Valentine's day hungover in bed. This would really brighten the day up for all the single people out there.

10) College Balls

We don't only have to get all dressed up but we have to drink ridiculously early. So, having classes until 6pm is not going to make matters any better. So here is the solution; either make the balls later or give us the whole day off. I vote the whole day off.

11) November 1st (The Day After Halloween)

If Halloween is to fall on a weekday this can't be on. It will take us a day alone to take off all the face paint. So, why not give us what we want? The next day off to recover and vomit where we may. Nobody wants to see that in college.

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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