13 Truths About College Life

Your College Years are some of the best in your life, you grow and change in ways you never thought possible. Your views and opinions are challenged, you befriend people you never thought you would. It's a rite of passage that a very small percentage of the world gets to experience, and here's 13 truths that maybe no one ever told you about it.

1. You will lose friends, that’s a fact. It’s a natural progression into your twenties; people fall off the radar, go to a different college or go hiking up a mountain in South America and decide never to come home. Stop panicking about it; you’ll make more friends in college.


2. You’ll never be 100% sure of yourself, but here’s the thing: NO ONE knows what they’re at, everybody is fumbling around in the darkness of the collegiate unknown. And if you think you have a plan, something will come along and knock you on your ass. It’s normal.



3. You will make 20 quid last an entire week. Between working part time jobs for shit money and trying to feed yourself, you will seriously begin to realise the value of money. And that student life is not always a glamorous one.



4. You will seriously, seriously embarrass yourself, (and more than likely, your friends) while inebriated. Whether this includes puking in public, getting arrested for public indecency or absolutely skulling yourself on the stairs in Coppers, it doesn’t matter. Just accept you will be mortified beyond reason at some stage during your college years and deal with it. It’s a rite of passage.


5. You will wear the face off someone you wouldn’t go near normally while drunk/lonely/angry. It’s normal; just make sure there’s no evidence of the event ever occurring.



6. You will make someone feel terrible. With all the college work you have to do, you will be under immense pressure and it is inevitable that you’ll absolutely lose it with someone one day. It’s no biggie, but remember – no one ever choked while swallowing their pride and apologising!



7. Dominoes Deals will become a way of life. Hold onto those vouchers; they will serve you well. Fact.


8. You are going to betray your morals at some point and be unbelievably ashamed of yourself. Deal with the shame and move on.



9. You are at some point, going to dabble in some kind of high – whether legal or illegal. Again, it’s a rite of passage for college life, but you have to be careful that it doesn’t become your first priority in life. That’s when it becomes dangerous.



10. You will have at least one relationship that is so intense you will feel like a strung out addict when they’re not around, and everything will take a backseat apart from your relationship with him/her. Just remember that your career will never wake up one morning and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.


11. You will question everything you do and everything you stand for, and the things you thought mattered, actually mean fuck all. If you think of college as a rebirth, you’ll get through this process a lot easier.


12. You will have people around you that will try and bring you down with them, if only so they come out on top smelling of roses. Sort the lambs from the wolves and decipher your good friends and stick to them. They will never lead you too far astray.


13.  Don’t take it all so seriously and you may actually have a decent chance of getting out alive.

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