13 Types Of People You Will Encounter During Freshers Week

13 Types Of People You Will Encounter During Freshers Week

Despite the fact that the vast majority of people you will meet in Freshers Week will be perfectly lovely, normal people, many of whom you will go on to form long-lasting friendships with, there are a certain number of stereotypes that you will inevitably come across.

1. The Homesick One

Whomever you'll move in with during freshers week will undoubtedly miss home. If one person misses home on a constant basis introduce them to number nine in this list.

2. The Rich Kid

There's always one person who likes to splash the cash or talk about using a family member's credit card. This person is generally fun at parties but annoying when you're trying to gather enough change for a chicken fillet roll.



3. The Late One

In every induction class, there's always one person 10 minutes late, red in the face, offering random apologies about a bus breaking down. They'll be known as the late one for the rest of their college days but, usually, they're the gooduns.

4. The Groupie Ones

Every freshers week you'll find a group of lads or girls who went to school together who now study and live together.

They might seem to have the perfect set up but usually, they're the ones that can't leave the people they'll inevitably have nothing in common with six months down the line. Feel blessed that you get to meet new and random people.



5. The Hermit

While you and your housemates might dip your toes into the college nightlife scene, the hermit will stay in their room and create their own life away from disco lights and multicolored shots. The Hermit's the one person you can definitely rely on to keep a secret during a DMC (deep meaningful conversation).

6. The Mentor

A friend to many, the mentor is usually a 2nd or 3rd-year student whose job is to show a gaggle of newcomers around the college, an impromptu tour guide if you must. These people will be your beacon of light on those days when you can't figure out how to get to your next tutorial or to find a printing place.



7. The Gap Year Student

Without fail, somebody will mention their gap year. This person will remind you that the life experience they gained during their gap year makes them experts at life and discuss it at great lengths. Avoid this person during a night out.

8. The Mature One

A mature student is similar to a gap student but with 'extra' life experience. Their life experience means they're either super chill about everything or ask endless questions during induction classes.



9. The Mum

While moving into your new student digs might be the best ever, there's bound to be that one friend who makes sure the dishes are washed, the bins taken out and that you don't overdo it on the beer pong. Although they might seem annoying at first, everyone will grow to love their college Ma.

10. The Party Starter

The loudest person in every room, the party starter will be the center of attention, organise as many class parties as possible and always has all the utensils on hand to play any house party game.



11. The Single-Sex School One

You're always guaranteed a few single-sex school freshers. This individual is constantly overwhelmed by the fact they're surrounded by other people that aren't their gender.

12. The Borrower

Whether it's your roommate or the person you'll sit next to in class, the borrower is a notorious fresher. The borrower will ask you for your belongings without actually returning them. The good news is if you're in need of an endless supply of pens, lighters and chewing gum; the borrower will have it.


13. The Future Best Friend

Amongst the borrower, rich kids and mature students, you'll find that one friend who makes college the experience of a lifetime. Your BFF will become that one person you can't go a day without speaking to, becomes your Mammy, your groupie, and your mentor and you wouldn't have it any other way.

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