13 Ingenious Websites You Need To Start Using Right Now

While the internet is filled with many brilliant ways to spend hours looking at cats, and your ex's social life, it can also be surprisingly useful for just about everything. Here are some of the coolest and handiest sites on the web that you need to start using right now:

1) 10 Minute Mail

If you've ever wanted hassle free email accounts just for sign-ups, this is for you. It creates an email account that only lasts ten minutes, which enables you to get confirmation without bombarding you with notifications.

2) Account Killer

This allows you to "kill" your old social media account's evidence across the web permanently, rather than just delete/disable them on the site.

3) A Good Movie To

Bored of the hours spent trawling for a movie to watch, don't worry...This suggests them for you!

4) Retreivr

Awesome for those who fancy themselves as artists, Retreivr allows you to draw your searches.

5) Gifprint

This is a fun website that print flipbooks of gifs! All of your internet dreams come true.

6) Mathaway

A powerful tool that allows you to solve basically any Maths equation you encounter in college. With Great power, comes great responsibility...

7) My Ninety's TV

An amazing resource of hundreds of 1990's era shows. Prepare to binge on Saved By The Bell.


Want to be in the know, but don't have the time? This Website summarises articles on every topic in five bullet points or less.


A simple and straightforward mind mapping tool for those of you that love visualising study.

10) Newsmap

A gorgeous and vibrant visual representation of global new. Even if it's not your thing, it's definitely something to have a look at.

11) Copy Paste Character

Always disappointed by the lack of emojis on hand, this website allows you to copy and paste characters not normally found in word processors.

12) TasteKid

If there's a movie, book, tv show etc you love and you want to find something similar to it, TasteKid is where it's at. It's basically a one stop shop for all kinds of entertainment recommendations.

13) Social Print Studio 

Yes you could go and put all your photos on a USB and go and get them printed...OR you could send your favourite Instagram and Facebook pictures to Social Print Studio and get them printed in gorgeous formats, from polaroids to vintage photo albums.

Jack Sargent
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Currently studying Law and trying to make sense of the great, big world we live in.

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