15 Cliches About Women That Are Categorically Untrue

All women are the same; crazy, emotional and clingy, right? Not right. Not even a little bit. In fact we're individuals with our own minds, opinions and yes, issues. But that doesn't stop some people from assuming that these clichés apply to every single one of us. Here are a few of the more annoying cliches applied to all women.

1) We all want a man with a giant penis.

It's a tad uncomfortable when you can feel it in your stomach, amiright?

2) We're all great at cooking.

Whipping up culinary delights is a practice and a talent, not a gift every woman is blessed with.

3) We can't operate power tools.

Pinterest proves that plenty of independent women do their own DIY these days. So there.

4) We all want to be skinny.

Healthy is a more appropriate word, thanks. There are so many things that taste better than skinny feels.

5) We all excel at housework.

Have you ever seen most girls' bedrooms? Case and point.

6) If we're angry, it must be PMS.

Or maybe you're just being a massive dick? Ever thought about that?

7) We're all bad drivers.

Women are safer drivers. End of.

8) We all love rom-coms.

We actually like a whole host of different genres, thank you very much.

9) We love to wear high heels all of the time.

Categorically untrue. They might be pretty but they are torture devices.

10) We all want to get hitched and have kids.

Not all of us aspire to one day raise a football team of kids.

11) If we have a one-night-stand, we're filthy creatures.

Well, who are all the women having sex with? Quid pro quo, my friends!

12) We all love pink.
13) We all love sweets and cakes.


For every sweet-tooth, there is definitely a savoury-tooth waiting to devour a block of cheese.

14) We all hate sports.

Erm, there are women's divisions to most sports these days don't cha know? Also football is fucking awesome.

15) We can all multi-task.

We call bullshit. Some of us can't text and walk without almost walking into lamp posts.


Sorcha Tyndall
Article written by
Sorcha loves everything HBO, Wes Anderson and Harry Potter related. Tina Fey is her dream woman and she believes Hillary Clinton should run the world.

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