The One Hack To Stop Those Post-Shave Fake Tan Dots

The One Hack To Stop Those Post-Shave Fake Tan Dots

Tired of those annoying white dots all over your leggings after all that work to get that perfect summer glow? Look no further we have a very simple and affordable solution that only takes a few minutes.

Applying self-tanner is not something to joke about. One wrong move and you can come out looking like a crime scene. From orange heels to streaks all over its important to do the prep work in order for the application to go smoothly.

Of course, a nice fresh shave in the hot shower is first on the do to list. It's essential to achieve that nice smooth application. But the hot water actually opens your pores and, yes, gets that good smooth leg, but leads to those annoying white dots we all dread.

According to The Sun, look no further than your local grocery store for the perfect solution. Frozen peas are now your new best friend. Yes, you read that right, frozen peas. Just pick up a bag and rub them all over your legs right after the shower. The coldness closes your pores back up and bam, perfect tan. You could even get a veg mix if you're feeling really crazy.

For less than 2 euro your life can be changed for the better.


You're welcome.

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Kaili Sager

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