15 Sh*tty Types Of Friends Every Guy Has

We all have good mates and shit mates, the ones that we love and the ones that we love to hate. I mean, I'm sure you have one mate who you are constantly complaining about or never sit beside on movie nights because they're butts and your mates just haven't copped it yet. Here are some you might be unfortunate enough have in your life.

15. The Liar..

'Ah yeah man I'd love to head out but my mam says I have to mind my brother.' A lie we've probably heard a million times. It's code for 'Nah man I'm lazy but I''m a compulsive liar so eat me shirt'. The worst thing is these people always get found out but wil never admit to it.

14. The One Your Not Friends On Facebook With..

You have their number and they are always there when your hanging out as a group but adding them on faceboook would be disrespectful to the word Friend and just you lying to yourself.


13. The Friends Who Drinks Too Much..

'No Dude I'm not drunk I just....fuck gravity.' It's always a messy night with this guy. Constantly wanting one more drink or is falling around on the dance floor making the whole place uncomfortable. It's embarrassing and the next day apology is always half assed..

12. The Girlfriend Slave..

The guy that has never heard the phrase pals before gals.. He is never away from his girlsfriend and bro time is a thing of the past.


11. The Food Thief..

Whenever this guy is in you home he never leaves on an empty stomach not because you offered but because he asked. If real humans had catchphrases his would be 'Hey, man, mind if I make a sandwhich?' Or 'Can I have a bit?' I payed for this roll get your own..

10. The Stoner..

You are in the mood the hang out put he never picks up the phone because he is off farting in the bath and laughing his ass off. #ThatHigh


9. The Health Nutter..

Generally they're a good influence but most of the time these lads just insult your life style and your moobies.

8.The Uncomfortably Too Close Friend..

This is the friend you try avoid, not because you don't like them but because they like you too much.


7. The Potato..

Too lazy to do anything or go anywhere. They just hold you back from what you want to do and are crushing your adventurous spirit..

6. The Borrower..

DVD's, CD's, hoodies, a tenner thinks you have lent this guy and have never gotten back.


5. The Inappropriate Selfie-Man..

Every Snapchat is just a slap to the eye balls. The guy just can't read his audiance..

4. The Sarcastic jerk..

I love scarcasm but this one butt just does it wrong and just infuriates everybody.


3. The 50c Friend..

Never has money on him but always needs 50c, not much but everytime he's out he needs 50c.

2. The Mate With Shiz Music Taste..

'Hey, man. Have you heard this song?' Always want to introduce you this song he just found and it's always terrible.

1. Can I Bum A Lift..

Always asks for a lift to college or work and never. And he always seems to ask you. Like there aren't other humans with cars.

Chris Duff

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