19 Signs That You're An Expert Procrastinator

Everyone comes out of college with an extra degree that they didn't know of , it's called procrastination. You hone your procrastination skills in college and that's where you hit your peak. When you get out in the working world, you won't be able to procrastinate as much, so you better make the most of it while you can. Here are the signs that you're an expert procrastinator.

19) You start off all of your assignment's like this

18) Spend most of your time doing this

17) Then leave it until the last minute and end up doing this


16) It's always a good time to watch tv

So you need a "break" from all the hard work you are doing and decide to take an excursion downstairs to watch some TV. You end up watching some crappy game show, only to realise that an hour has gone by very quickly...

15) You have a 5 second attention span

You can't seem to focus on anything for more than 5 or 10 seconds and you're mind just keeps wandering. Either something always catches your attention or you find what you're doing so boring you have to think of something else.


13) You can't do anything without having Facebook open

Anytime you get stuck or literally have no clue what you're doing , you just go onto Facebook. You spend hours scrolling up and down waiting for something to pop up on your Newsfeed.

12) Reading a book is a real struggle

When you were a kid you could read a book in an entire day, but now you've got older you can't maintain concentration long enough. You read about a paragraph and then you have to stop because you can't process that much information.


11) You check your phone for a minute and then immediately forget what you're doing

You check to see if you have got any messages, which of course you haven't, but then you end up checking Facebook for a minute. Suddenly 20 mins have passed and you forgot what you were doing before you went on your phone.

10) You put up a status or tweet about your procrastination

It's usually something like "1,000 words down, 4,000 to go #fml" this a sure sign that you're a top procrastinator. The fact that you actually took the time to let everyone know about your procrastination seals the deal really.


9) You watch an entire season of Breaking Bad instead of doing work

This happens with most of the tv shows you're into, you binge watch series when you should be doing something else. Usually you are found in the library with your headphones on, when you really should be studying.

8) You take regular snack breaks

All you need is some sugar to get your mind working, all it does is make you more on edge and because it's only something small, it makes you hungrier.


7) There is always something to clean or organize

If your desk is cluttered you will always have to organize it properly. If your room is a little messy you feel the need to clean it up. It's starts out as moving one of two things, but eventually you have to finish cleaning it.

 6) You have elaborate daydreams

When you lose concentration your  mind  just starts to wander. Most of the time they are elaborate daydreams about food because you're really hungry. Sometime it's something really random that even you don't understand.


 5) You can never have enough coffee breaks

You always seem to have an excuse to have a coffee break, whether it's an early start, or because you're actually addicted to it. You don't know how you get anything done with coffee.

4) Tumblr and Pinterest are your weapons of procrastination

Tumblr and Pinterest are basically procrastination machines, everything you're into is right there in front of you. Once you start, it's extremely hard to stop and your procrastination spirals out of control.


3) You have over 20 tabs open at the same time

You can never seem to stay on one page, you're watching 5 YouTube videos, a TV show and are taking a personality quiz all at the same time. You just get bored of things very easily and need something else to stimulate you.

2) Your favourite line is "I'll do it tomorrow

As the common phrase goes " Tomorrow, tomorrow , not today, all the lazy people say", this is basically the life of a procrastinator. You put everything off until tomorrow and then when tomorrow comes you put it off again.

1) You will take any chance you can to have a nap

If you find out that your lecture is cancelled or that the deadline of your assignment was extended, to you it's an excuse to take a nap. You try to take as many as you can throughout the day and will always be the one found sleeping in the library.

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