19 Things You'll Understand If You Grew Up In A Big Family

Growing up in a big family can be the biggest pain ever; sharing everything, fighting for food, and trying to find socks that haven't been worn by 3 people before you. But there are some pretty great things about being in a crazy, big family. Like when they leave you alone and you have the house to yourself. Here are 19 things everyone who grew up in a large family will understand.

1. No one ever remembers how many of you there are.

"Wait, so how many of you are there again?" is literally every person you've ever spoken to more than once. Ever. 

2. Dibs applies to EVERYTHING.

Seriously, if I called dibs on it first, it was MINE. Unless my parents said it wasn't because they're the only ones who can veto the dibs rule.

3. Meal times were a literal version of the Hunger Games.

It was snatch and run, eat it so fast you nearly vomit, or you just weren't getting seconds. Or firsts, for that matter.

4. You ate in your friend's houses.

It's not as if your mom was about to spend half her shopping money on snacks, so you made friends with people who had the best snacks. And you stole all their food.

5. You never went abroad for summer hols.

As IF. One lesson the McAllister family taught us; family vacations that involve numerous children are just disasters waiting to happen. Not to mention the cost, which was better spent on a road trip to your great-great-grans nursing home anyway. *shudders*

6. You shared everything, from your last pair of socks to your deepest don't tell mom secrets.

Even if you were afraid they would use it against you, there was always at least one sibling whom you told all your deepest, darkest secrets to. Because when you weren't killing each other, you were best friends.

7. Your mam called everyone's name in order for every meal.

Patiently waiting for your name to be called from the list for every meal, family meeting or chore is something every person with a big family will know. And then you all reported for duty one by one.

8. You're not missing something - it was stolen by one of your siblings.

There was never a truer story. Even if there was a TINY chance that you left it on the school bus, the Universe was telling you that it was your little sister who stole your diary. And hence the killings began.

9. You were always, ALWAYS late to school.

With 3 different schools for your mom to drop everyone off at, and with 6 kids to get ready in the morning, there was just never any chance of you getting in on time. In fact, you probably got an award for the most - late student ever at Graduation.

10. There were always sides.

Whenever your siblings were fighting, you always took sides, and when you were fighting with another sibling, someone always took your side.

11. You hate the idea of sharing a room with anyone when you're older.

You did it for years, you do NOT want the same experience of listening to someone snoring all night again.

12. You had the same group of friends as kids.

Your friends' siblings were their friends, so you guys were ALWAYS together. There was just no escape.

13. Your gran can never remember your name.

"Maria?? No, Louise is it? Sarah!" Every single Christmas resulted in your yelling at your poor, deaf gran that you weren't every other female in the family, including your own mother.

14. "What?? You're NOT Catholic?"

Why does everyone always think we're Catholic???

15. Time alone is precious and not to be taken for granted. Ever.

And you end up doing the weirdest shit too, because no one is around. Which usually ends with you being caught singing in the mirror wearing your older sister's forbidden clothing.

16. The bathroom is a sacred place.

Even though you had to get up at the crack of dawn, being first in the bathroom was a miracle.


17. Competition is not something you're afraid of, or bad at.

Competition for attention, for food, for money. It's really something you've adapted to and become super good at over the years. Which is definitely a plus.

18. Watching a movie was one of the most difficult experiences you had.

First there was the fighting over what movie to watch. (Which always pissed off SOMEONE.) Then there was the constant "SHHHHHHH", the "I don't understand what's happening" and of course the "X is hogging all the poppppcooorrnnnn." *groans*


Volume control was not a thing that existed in your home.

Amanda Roche
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Amanda is 18 years old, gay, and has two loves; Pizza and chocolate. Overcome with wanderlust, this daydream believer spends her days writing and planning her next adventure around the world.

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