19 Types Of Friends Every Guy Has Had

Every group of guy friends is filled with some or all of these particular types of lads. From the mammy's boy to the bullshitter and beyond, you'll immediately recognise which one of YOUR friends is which. There's one in every group. You won't have to think long to figure out which one you are. Which one of these can you match to your mates... Or more importantly perhaps, which one are you?

19. The Terrible Dancer

He is a nightmare on the dancefloor when you go out. You desperately try to steer clear of him in nightclubs when he pulls out his "moves" - your chances of pulling a girl slide drastically downhill if you get too close to him. Generally he walks into a circle of girls on the dancefloor in Coppers and they immediately disperse!

18. The Rich Guy

He has everything he's ever wanted, and through his daddy's pocket. He doesn't know the meaning of work, or money for that matter. Jager Bombs for everyone!


17. The Pathological Liar

He lies about everything - his first lay, how much money he earns, what he did last night etc. It's very hard to trust anything that comes out of his mouth, especially when he exaggerates the most mundane and simple of stories.

16. The Womaniser

He lusts after women and always ranks pulling girls ahead of hanging out with the lads. You're a little bit jealous of him. However, pulling girls is one of the only things he's good at - he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, so you can sleep well at night knowing that he'll probably end up driving a truck for a living once his good looks begin to fade.


15. The Might Be Gay Guy

He's extremely camp, girls love him but you've never actually SEEN him kiss one, and he knows far too many show tunes and musicals. He has been known to do his eyebrows and is always the last man out the door, ensuring that comb-over is absolutely perfect and fashioning those jeans which are tighter than a Vegas slot machine!

14. The Gambler

He lives in  the bookies! He constantly brags about how much money he is "up" - you always hear about his winnings but never about his losses (unless he's looking for a "loan" off you). He misses too many nights out because his dear friend Paddy Power took him to the cleaners.


13. The Nice Guy

The guy that everybody loves and gets along with. He's always happy and nobody ever has a bad word to say about him. Everyone rushes to shake his hand when he arrives at a party, and he brightens up everyone's mood. Unfortunately, it's all a front and he probably cries himself to sleep at night.

12. The Not-So-Smart Guy (to put it nicely)

Yes, the idiot among of the group. You all love him but he's as thick as a plank. The not-so-smart guy is the last man to cop onto any of your jokes. He's a sound guy, but you have to think he was dropped on his head as a child...


11. The Guy Who's Always With His Girlfriend

The guy who used to always be out with the lads, but ever since he got a girlfriend, slowly faded away from the group. He texts you every once in a blue moon but he never hangs out with you anymore. He'll come running back once his relationship goes down the drain, and you'll be the one to nurse him back into the wild.

10. The Creepy Guy

There's always one in every group of lads. Think about it for the second, are YOU the creepy guy? The one who says borderline inappropriate things to random girls and your friend's mums. He lusts after women like a bee to honey but never gets what he wants. Gets far more action with "Pamela Handerson" than with anyone else. Girls are repelled by him and yet he believes he's Adonis.


9. The Worrier

The worry-wart exists in ever group of lads. He's Mr Sensible, never likes to get in trouble and always tries to stop you from doing something stupid too. "Shut up shouting or we won't get in! LADS come on, taxis are here! ... Don't drink that, it's been on the toilet floor!" He comes in handy to stop you from doing something extremely idiotic when you're drunk.

8. The Sporty Guy

The sporty all-rounder. Whether it's football, hurling, basketball or tennis, he picks it up and is just naturally good at it. You're very envious of his athletic abilities, but at least you did better than him in your Leaving Certificate! He can never take that away from you.


7. The Drug-Obsessed Guy.

The guy who takes way too much drugs. It started off as experimenting out of mere curiosity but somewhere along the line he got caught up, hooked and addicted. He was smoking weed before any of you had even heard of it - it was definitely a gateway drug for him!

6. The Scaredy-Cat

He is afraid of everything. When you were kids, he was the one who didn't want to leave the road because his mam would yell at him. He walks at the back of the group when you're out and is always the last one to speak his mind. He's never quite been able to let go and live his life - he's a real homebird.


5. The Hipster

The guy who left school and became so anti-everything - anti-establishment, anti-college, anti-friends. Anything "mainstream" is his kryptonite. He dresses like a hippie and is easily wound up when you mock his silly ways. He has developed a love of craft beers and loves to rub your face in his newfound "unique" and "cool" activities and hobbies.

4. The Obnoxious Guy

The friend who is full of himself and very much up his own arse. He enters a house party and struts through the crowd of people like he owns the place. He is the LOUDEST one of the group and always has to be the centre of attention, especially when there are girls around. That's when his temperament defiantly changes - he gets the pick of the girls and then brags about it. Gets on everyone's nerves.


3. The Quiet Guy

He sits in the corner of house parties, quietly drinking his cans and not mingling with anybody he doesn't know. Like a mouse, strangers and new places scare him. However, he's a totally different man once he gets drunk. You always wonder why he can't be that fun when he's sober?

2. The Mammy's Boy

He loves his mammy, and lives off her finances. No matter how old he is, he'll always depend on her and come crawling home when he finds himself in trouble. She still picks out his clothes for holidays and brings him water when he's hungover in bed. Get a grip.

1. The Alcoholic

The friend who always has the one too many. He drinks more frequently than all of your other friends and is constantly pestering you to go drinking with him. It doesn't bother him to go to the local pub on his own or go out, get drunk and wear the ear off of some poor unfortunate strangers. Yes, he has a problem.

Damien Slater
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Damien is a handsome 20-something recent graduate, with a developing tint of megalomania and unwarranted sense of entitlement. He is a fond lover of happy hour and is a self-proclaimed "expert" in pickup-artistry. With an aptitude for writing and solving algebraic equations, he is currently enjoying life, bouncing from one hot blonde to the next, and hopes to soon achieve the 100th notch on his bedpost.

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