22 Signs you were a kid of the 90's

Goosebumps, Sister Sister, Push Pops...

  • You miss Fat Frogs every god damn sunny day...
  • Runners that lit up….LIT UP were pretty much the coolest things ever.
  • You cruised around the park in a pair of FX1s, FX2s, FX3’s or FX4’s
  • Goosebumps books were the scariest literature around
  • On looking back, Angelica Pickles from the Rugrats was a sadistic bitch…and Chucky had OCD
  • Push Pops. They made your fingers wet and sticky but they were fucking cool
  • The NOW compilation cd’s were all the music you needed in life
  • Who loves Orange soda! I do I do I do I do I do ooooo
  • Both British Bulldogs and Tip the can required speed, agility and strategy. Spin the bottle required bravado and chewing gum.
  • How could they KILL Mufasa, it STILL doesn’t make sense
  • You fancied one of the following; Kelly Kapowski, Aladdin, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Agulaira, Zack Morris, any of Westlife, Rachael Green from Friends, Jessica Rabbit ,The Beast or Simba (no? …..just me then?)
  • You loved beanie babies, or you got given them for Christmas and Birthdays… either way you had a shit load
  • Lunchables, cheers for the plastic cheese and the chewy ham……delicious.
  • You succumbed to at least one of these trends; tear away pants (poppers right up to the waistline), slap bracelets (they actually kind of hurt…), Umbro shorts, runners, jacket or schoolbag;  O’Neill’s in navy, black, or white; a friendship necklace (best friends forever); A tattoo style stretchy choker thing…weird;  a body shop pencil case; aTomogotchi.
  • You NEEDED one of those soft, squidgy pencil grips so you didn’t get a sore middle finger
  • Beano, Dandy, The Funday Times….Oh the lols
  • Kevin McAlisters’ talk boy was a genius invention. Keep the change ya filthy animal.
  • Bal la too quarp mala ia Macarena…. AAAYYYYYY MAKARENA!
  • beep beep beep beep eeeee boommmm de doooong de dooonnng de dooonggggg... ahh dial up internet, how we don't miss you.
  • How did Mr Art Attack do those big art pieces at the end of each episode?  AMAZING! Talking statue of a head…little creepy.
  • Free Willy; Angry Beavers…were these euphemisms?! I’m calling the feminists, hold my apron.





Good Times.

Kate Breslin

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