Things You Were Only Into As A Kid

Life was so different when you were a kid, you watched cartoons, played outside and ate whatever you wanted without a care in the world. The things you were into back then are completely different to what you are into now, that's part of growing up. Back then you thought you would always be into the same stuff. Luckily, your tastes of have changed, here are the things you were only into as a kid.

21) Power Rangers

Everyone had their favourite one whether it was red, green or blue. You always thought they were so cool, but know you realise how cheesy it is. If you were a real fan of the show you would actually have a power rangers suit and wear while you watched the show... Cringe. 

20) Wrestling

WWF as it was called back then was in it's golden era during the late 90's . With the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold and the Undertaker we all have great memories of watching it on a Saturday morning. There are always one or two that still watch today, but will never admit to it.


19) Skateboarding

Don't lie everyone at one time tried their hand at skateboarding and you thought you were going to be the next Tony Hawk. You wore baggy clothes and snapbacks and carried a skateboard around with you all the time. You only really rode along on it, if you tried to do a trick you knew you would do a faceplant.

18) Gladiators

One of the best shows on television during the 90's was Gladiators. They had some of the best names on television with the likes of Amazon, Blaz, Falcon and Nightshade which added to the mystique.


17) Robot Wars

Another classic TV 90's tv show where robots were pitted against other robots. Who can forgot the host Craig Charles opening the show with "Let the wars begin". When we were kids all we wanted to do was to build are own, but we didn't have a clue how to do it.

16) Dinosaurs

With the likes of Jurassic Parks and Walking with Dinosaurs during the 90's we really couldn't get a enough of our reptilian friends. The was a certain wonder that dinosaurs brought to our childhood, the amount of books that we had about them as well, was ridiculous.


15) Action Figures

We all had tons of boxes full of action figures back in the day, whether it was action man, wrestlers or power rangers. We used to bash them together and then we would wonder why one of their arms was falling off.

14) Nickelodeon Vs. Cartoon Network

Everyone  had their favourite whether it was Kenan and Kel on Nickelodeon or Ed, Edd n Eddy on Cartoon Network. There was always a constant debate about which channel was better than the other.


13) Playing outside until it get 's dark

You always wanted to stay outside longer and longer, you never wanted it to get dark. You would have bumps and bruises everywhere and dirty knees. Know that you look back on it you realise how wild you really were as a kid.

12) Scouts

At first you thought it was great being in scouts learning how to tie knots and rub two sticks together. The novelty wore off after a while and you would rather just play curbs then do the scouts honor.


11) Charades

If you parents suggested you would play a game, there was really only one option; charades. You got to act silly in front of people without judgment and when you were paired into teams, things got really intense.

10) Playing board games

Guess Who, Cluedo, or everyone's favourite; Monopoly, we really learned a lot from board games. Whether it was how to judge people by their physical appearance, spotting a murderer or learning how to be greedy, it was all just fun and games.


9) Having a party piece

You knew you were going to get asked to do something when you went to party, so you had something preprared. You would sing them a song you learnt in school or just act like a fool, so they would tell you to stop.

8) Learning magic tricks

If you were a real suave kid you would learn magic tricks for your party piece. Everyone one knows that if a kid knew how to do magic tricks it automatically meant he was a wizard.


7) Going Trick or Treating

Sugar!!! So much sugar. We all knew that on Halloween we would get enough sweets to last us a month, but you would eat them in one day. Halloween was a magical time until that one person put fruit in your bag. Seriously, why would you do such a thing?

6) Making Paper Airplanes

If you were feeling a bit rebellious one day in class  and a spare sheet of paper you knew what to do. It takes time and effort to make a proper paper airplane and one that will actually travel. You would always throw and then pass it off as being someone else who did it.


5) Climbing Trees

There were few things better when you were a kid than climbing trees. There was always that one huge tree that when you could only climb when you were tall enough. The sense of achievement when you got to the top was monumental.


4) Water Fights

For the two weeks that it was sunny in Ireland, every kid was armed with a water gun. There was always that one kid that had a massive water gun where as was everyone else only had pistols. You had to even the score with you secret weapon the water balloons.


3) Using Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle every argument

No one wanted to be in goal when you were playing football, so the only real way to settle it was rock, paper, scissors. We all know that kid when he lost would always say "Best two out of three" so he doesn't have to be in goal.

2) Renting Videos

Nowadays we have Netflix and just the internet in general to watch any movie you want. Back in the day you actually had to go down to the video shop and rent your favourite movie. It was a thrill going into the video store and taking ages to make up your mind on a movie.

1) Eating cereal all day, everyday

You had your favourite cereal Coco pops, Frostie's or Rice Krispies and you would have for breakfast, but why stop there. When you were hungry, you would pop out the cereal  and milk and munch away.

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