20 Things You Will Definitely Do In College Before You Finish

20 Things You Will Definitely Do In College Before You Finish

Everyone's college experience is unique but there are common themes that run though them all. If you don't end up doing at least most of these things before you're finished in college then you're doing it wrong.

1. Skip class and go to the bar

The lure of the student bar can be too much to bear sometimes. You'll have no choice but to skip for cans, it's inevitable.


2. Go out every single day on RAG week

It's rag week, it's practically the law. No matter how broken and hungover you are; you must carry on.

We salute you.



3. Constantly have to borrow a pen and paper off your neighbours

Hey, you needed the extra room in your bag for sweets and receipts from the college shop.


4. Shift someone in your course and have to look them in the eye the next day

The horror of walking into a lecture hall and sharing awkward glances with yer wan. The chorus of cat calls from the rest of the class makes it worse. obviously they ALL KNOW.


5. Weather the class couple's break up

They got together in the first week, lasted longer than you thought, but sadly it's come to an end. Now batten down the hatches for an absolute horror of a break up.


6. Develop a crush on a lecturer

The way they click through their powerpoint presentation, their voice as they outline the course curriculum, and their face as they explain the continual assessment requirement. You're half in love with them. Who cares if they have a solid decade on you?

7. Get a golden week


You're on fire, you've managed to make it into every single lecturer this week. Physically at least, you were day dreaming or on your phone for the majority of them.


8. Get a black week

Your same is deed and intense. It seemed like such a good idea, a devil-may-care decision to spend the week having fun rather than languishing in lectures. Now, however, you have to deal with the accusing glances of your lecturers as you finally drag your sorry self back in.

9. Turn up to an exam after pulling an all nighter

You feel light-headed, your skin is in bits, and your coffee breath is strong enough to kill a horse at 30 paces. You did it, though, you aced your exam (or at the very least got a solid 50).



10. Quietly feud with your project group

It is inevitable in a project group that at some point, usually close to the deadline, battle lines will be drawn. It won't be an open war though, it'll be a war of subterfuge. Conducted entirely with behind-the-back bitching.

11. Turn up for the majority of your Friday lectures hungover

Thursdays are usually student night, you usually over-indulge. At least you managed turned up.



12. Wake up your mate for lectures after crashing on their couch

You wake up stinking of booze and supine on a lumpy couch. You look at the time.

You're late!

You stumble up the stairs and hammer on your mates bedroom door in a vain attempt to rouse them for class.

13.  Go straight from a lecture to your part time job

There's nothing more soul destroying than finishing a long day in college and having to trudge to the bus so you can travel to your horrible, minimum-wage job and work a shift.


14. Sign up to the college gym

You're going to be pro-active an healthy! This time next semester you'll be shredded!

15. Not go to the gym so you can go to the student bar instead

All of the above is good, but pints though.



16. Lose your student card

Student cards are the Houdini of the wallet world, they can escape the most secure of purses.

17. Find it after forking out for a new one

Almost as soon as you fork out for a new one the formally lost student card will reappear. You will clutch at it and swear your head off.



18. Rack up a massive library fine

You take out a book to study.

Studying is hard though, so you put it off.

The book languishes somewhere in  your house, all the while quietly racking up a larger and larger fine. Eventually you get an angry email and a fine so large you wonder if you can file for bankruptcy.

19. Fall asleep in the library

They library is so quiet, and warm. You're so tired, and studying is so boring. Maybe you could just rest your eyes...


You're woken several hours later by an irate librarian telling you that the issue desk has closed and you have to leave.


20. Get your friend to put your name on the attendance sheet for you

It's a risky move and it's not strictly ethical, but you're technically there. In spirit anyway.



Kyle Mulholland

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