The Irish Bucket List: 25 Things Everyone Should Do Before Turning 25

The Irish Bucket List: 25 Things Everyone Should Do Before Turning 25

Who said bucket lists are just for oul' ones?

Here's the ultimate guide to things you should see, do and eat before you hit the quarter-century mark.

1 Finish an assignment five minutes before the deadline

The classic all-nighter is a must-try for all college students.

2. Go to a Happenings outdoor cinema

There's loads on during the summer (weather dependent), so grab a few blankets and wrap up. Happenings always do deadly nights, so check out their website to see whats going on.



3. Get irresponsibly drunk in Coppers

Insider tip – get there before 10, and skip the door charge. There won't be a queue and you have more money to buy drinks.

4. Then promptly decide to never head to Coppers again

And stick to it. Unless you're a nurse or a guard it's time to let it go – you've had your fun, now move on.

5. Bake a Kinder Bueno cake and eat it all in one sitting

It tastes delicious, TREAT YO'SELF.


6. Run a marathon

Or even a mini-marathon. Do it for your health, but mainly for the bragging rights afterwards.


7. See the Cliffs of Moher

One of the world's most beautiful natural vistas is right here in Ireland! Go on a road-trip to the Wesht, I promise you wont regret it.

Cliffs of Moher


8. Learn to cook at least four staple meals well

They will be your saving grace and you'll spare a bit of cash too – win-win. Here are 10 recipes to get you started, so you're sure to nail a few of them.

 9. Do the Viking Splash tour

Visit your own city! The Viking Splash is not only informative but great craic – plus you can heckle people and not be judged for it, plus it's only €20 for students.


10. Drink some cans on the canal


There's nothing better than chilling out with mates, enjoying the sun – a must-do.


11. Grab a coffee at Clement and Pekoe, South William Street

They do the best coffee in town and they have cute little benches to sit on outside – go fetch.




12. Get the secret €5 McDonald's student deal

Just by flashing your student leap card you can get a medium meal with a drink for a fiver – success.

Bet you didn't know that, now, did you?


13. Head to Capitol on a Thursday, and get 2 cocktails for €6

Sure you'd be mad not to.



14. Go to a lecture after some day-drinking

Economics will never have been so interesting.


15. Master a deadly card trick

Impress your friends and even strangers – sure you might even get a free drink out of it.


16. See a comedy show at the International Bar

It's called the home of Dublin comedy for a reason, you'll LOL yourself silly.


17. Miss a week of college and finish an entire box-set



18.Get a doughnut at Offbeat Doughnuts beside the DART

Just off Pearse Street – easily the best doughnuts in town.


19. Spend all night in the smoking-area and not smoke a single cigarette

Everyone knows that's where all the craic is, anyway.



20. Rob bog roll from the college

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


21. Go drinking in the Lighthouse Cinema, but don't watch any films

Even if indie films aren't your thing, alcohol can be.



22. See a play at the Abbey theatre

Great cultural experience with some home-grown Irish talent.

23. Plane-watch at the Old Airport Road

Head up to Swords and gawk at the super-cool incoming planes from a terrifyingly close distance.

24. Use your student Leap card 10 times in one day

Head on an adventure and make full use of that €5 cap.

25. AND FINALLY... get a McDonald's on Grafton street at 4am

Not only will it act as soakage, but you're guaranteed to have some craic with your fellow drunk brethren.


Ciara Finnegan

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