46 First World Problems Every 20 Something Will Relate To

Life can be hard sometimes, it's full of trials and challenges that help us learn and grow as people. For the average twenty-something girl, though, life seems to be increasingly difficult, taxing even, at times. Here are 46 first world problems every 20 something girl has come up against:

1) You have an important event tomorrow, but it's not hair washing day.
2) No Instagram filter is strong enough to make you look hot today.
3) The office only has sugar sachets and no low-calorie sweetener for your coffee.
4) The barista in Starbucks fucked up your order.
5) You can't watch Netflix because too many people are signed into your account.
6) Your shampoo and conditioner didn't run out at the same time. #devo
7) All of your makeup runs out at the same time, EVERY TIME.
8) Your manicure chips within a week, your pedicure, on the other hand, lasts for about ten years.
9) There is no Wifi in this food establishment and it's killing me slowly.
10) The Wifi symbol appears on your screen, but it isn't strong enough to connect. Taunting me slowly.
11) Getting your period on the day of special event or sexy weekend away. Or god forbid, a festival.
12) You need to charge your phone overnight, but the charger cable is too short to reach your bed.

13) You want to change the channel but the remote is too far away. Meh.
14) You have gotten cosy in bed when you realise you need to turn the light off.
15) Going on holidays and realising you've forgotten your hair straighteners. Afro, here I come.
16) Being stabbed in the ribs by the wire in your bra.
17) Getting out of work too late to avail of happy hour.
18) Wanting to hook up with a booty call, but also wanting garlic cheese fries.
19) You ordered take away but now you have to get up to answer the door and it's just too much.
20) It's too warm under the bed covers but too cold without them.
21) You don't know the passcode to your friend's phone so you can't change the song.
22) You went to the bathroom but left your phone in your bedroom. What the hell am I supposed to do for the next two minutes?
23) When you stand on a wet patch on the floor whilst wearing socks. *Shudder*

24) The shop was out of wholemeal bagels and white is not your friend.
25) ....and non-fat skimmed milk.
26) It's hair washing day today, what a complete effort.
27) Your hair tie won't go around your pony three times, but it's too loose when tied only twice.
28) You can't get the wings of your eyeliner even.

29) You got into the shower and forgot to turn the music on.
30) Having to use portaloos at festivals makes you want to die.
31) You have to run errands on your day off, which means you have to put a bra on.
32) When the guy you've been Snapchatting sends you one right after you've covered your chin in Sudocream.
33) Bumping into a previous lover with your hair tied back, tracksuit bottoms on and no makeup in sight. GLAM.
34) You have too many clothes and not enough wardrobe space for them all.

35) You get caught in the rain with your brown paper grocery bags and they disappear before your very eyes.
36) Still having the double chin you swore you'd lose after Christmas, and it's June...
37) You have vodka, but no mixer. Oh well...
38) You got your hair dyed and now it doesn't match your hair extensions. Goddamit.
39) Not getting a decent selfie on a night out and feeling as though you've wasted the night.

40) Getting every piece of white clothing that you own destroyed with bronzer or fake tan.
41) Your Tinder match doesn't look like his pictures and it kind of hurts you.
42) Your earrings being so heavy that they stretch your earlobes.
43) Shaving. Just shaving in general.
44) Getting out of the car just as your favourite song comes on the radio.
45) Getting all dolled up and then your friend cancels your plans.
46) Paying to have your makeup done professionally and not even liking it in the end.
Justine Halpin Mulligan
Article written by
22 year old Sociology and Social Policy student in Trinity College Dublin. Interests include romantic walks to the fridge and anything to do with elephants. Wants to be a TV personality when she grows up.

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