5 Things A Student Will Do To Avoid Studying

Claudia May Gocoul

We’ve all been there, assignments are due, exams are around the corner, studying is inevitable… But is it really? Here are a few tried and tested ways to avoid actually having to study for a little while.


Clean your house/apartment/room.

Every student knows that it is impossible to study with a single bit of mess around you. Its fine the rest of the time, you can eat, drink and sleep in mess but studying in it is a giant no no. Exam time in a student house is literally the cleanest time of the year, you could eat dinner from the floor. Procrastination for a student comes in the form of a hoover.



The ‘F’ word.

Facebook. Where did the time go? How is it so late? Familiar questions for anyone who ever went on to facebook to check how long their assignment ought to be with fellow students and ended up creeping on their saturday night shift. Facebook is never a good idea. Avoid at all costs.

Study Plans.

A leftover remnant of the Leaving Cert, the study plan is for the organised procrastinator. Instead of actually studying you make a plan (with a ruler and everything) of when you will study, how you will study and for how long. One thing that you do not do, is study.



Highlight me up.

Highlighters are great for studying right? Wrong. Highlighters are misleading, you go through your books, highlighting everything of importance. Do you learn anything? No. All you are left with is a fluorescent book and a load of important quotes you can’t memorise as your eyes are sore.


Watch ‘One’ episode of your favourite programme.

Tv and studying do not mix, in fact TV is the pringles of studying ‘once you pop you just can’t stop. There is no such thing as one episode when you’re studying. One turns into two, two turns into three and three turns into a nap because your eyes are tired.


There is no point in telling you to avoid these excuses not to study because the fact that you're reading this means you’re already flicking through the net and avoiding studying at the moment. However, at least you can recognise your procrastination and hopefully limit it. Happy studying.

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