50 Thoughts Every Guy Has In A College Lecture

Sitting in a lecture on a normal day of college, there are a number of thoughts which travel through a guy's head. Girls, step inside the mind of a guy during a college lecture. You were warned!



1. Ugh there's only front seats left.

2. Damn, it's only 12:01pm. I should have taken longer to walk to class.




3. Where the fuck are the lads? I'm not sitting beside Pete again. Jaysus!

4. Alright, fuck it. Let's do this!




5. Shit, I forgot my lecture notes again!

6. What in the hell is your man talking about?

7. Jesus, he wears his trousers awfully high up.


8. I wonder how obvious it would be if I slipped out now...

9. It's so hot in here and I feel like I'm sweating alcohol

10. WHY are there no windows?!


11. Do I need glasses? Fucked if I know what he's writing.

12. Haha, LOL. Somebody carved "I like penis" into this desk.

13. I should carve "Pete likes penis" into it...


14. This is ridiculous. I should try look at the readings next time.

15. Eyes are closing, eyes are closing! Save yourself! Quick!

16. (...)


17. Woah Shit! How long was I out for? Did anybody notice?

18. Drink some water. Phew. That'll give me a few more minutes.

19. I need to fart. Can I squeeze this one out silently by sneaking a cheek?




20. Great, now I need to take a dump.

21. I should go to the bathroom, splash some water on my face and waste a few extra minutes.

22. Ahhh lovely and empty!


23. What should I have for lunch?

24. Man, a big ass burrito would go down SO well right now!

25. But spicy or mild salsa?


26. Nice! Just caught some of Amy's sideboob. Saaweeeeeet!

27. AND a glimpse of Ciara's thong when she leaned forward.

28. It must be my lucky day!


29. Woooh, two more collections to the memory wank bank!

30. Uh-Oh! They've awoken the one-eyed monster. He'r rising from his lair!

31. Okay, how do I adjust my penis without making it look weird?


32. Why did I wear boxers with such a tight waistband?!

33. Fuck, he just isn't going down! And I only petted him this morning like?!?

34. Think disgusting thoughts! Brian's hairy ass crack ... my Granny's vagina ... my girlfriend having a baby!


35. Phew! That did it!

36. Damn it's hot in here.

37. Is he still on about that same thingymijig?!


38. Fuck her right in the pussy! ... Just say it, say it! Go on, you legend!

39. You missed your opportunity and chickened out. You little bitch!

40. Alright, how long's left?


41. 30 minutes, WHAT!?!

42. God, I'm bored. is there any point in me being here? I mean really, what am I getting out of this?

43. Look at Simon, up the front. Getting involved and asking lots of questions. Pshhh, mature students...


44. What day is it actually? Are there any cheap nights in town tonight?

45. Thursday?! Absolutely. I'll text the lads. Session on!

46. Aw man, it's only 12:45pm and ALL I can think about is drinking tonight!


47. DAMN, Sarah's looking well today! Lovely boobs. I wonder if she'd come out tonight?

48. Alright you lock it up! You have a girlfriend! But God she's awful. I really need to break up with her...

49. FINALLY this lecture is over!

50. Fuck it, may as well start early!

Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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