7 Reasons Why Every Man Should Wear A Suit

There are several different occasions when a man should wear a suit, but there are a tonne of reasons why he should wear one too. Stand out from the crowd, feeling fantastic, a good suit is a man's best friend. Here are the 7 reasons why every man should wear a suit.

7. Peacock-ing.

The rule of the peacock applies pertinently here. Peacocks stand out from the crowd. You want to go out, impress girls and bag yourself a worldie? Well a suit is the way to go. Jeans and shirts are fine if you're an amateur, but peacocks can't fly. They suit up. Don't overdo it though! We don't mean LITERALLY looking like a peacock, like Lady Gaga here.

6. For when you break up with your girlfriend.

Like a funeral, it's nice to look your best when you punch the proverbial hole into your girlfriend's heart. Dress in a nice black suit for the occasion - it is the death of your current relationship and you'll look extremely desirable to her.


5. Intimidation tactics.

If you have a big business meeting, an interview with a corrupt politician or banker, or simply meeting an asshole friend for lunch, a suit is key. Nothing says "fuck you" more than a fantastic, custom-made suit to your liking.

4. Your upcoming "best man" speech at your friend's wedding.

The best man has to be the second best-dressed man at the wedding, behind the groom of course. But remember that the attention will all be on you at your speech, not the groom. So make sure you dress for the occasion. Also weddings are notorious for casual hook-ups and the best man usually has a pick of the bridesmaids. Bring your best suit.


3. Job interviews.

There's no excuse for turning up to a job interview not dressed for the occasion, unless you're applying for a job that requires you to clean toilets. A good suit is a must for any job interviews that you may have coming up.

2. Because Barney Stinson repeatedly says you should.

"Suit up" is the most recognisable catchphrase of the show How I Met Your Mother, as popularized by Neil Patrick Harris. The man is legendary. Take his advice.

1. You look incredible.

Let's face it. You are by far the best looking man in the room. You can scour the entire room, knowing that you are the best-dressed guy in the room! It's a wonderful feeling. No matter how hard someone tries, they'll never be able to wipe that smug look off of your face.


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