8 Steps to Success: How to Avoid Having a Shit Summer

Ah, summertime. A great opportunity to learn new things about yourself, visit foreign places and fall in love. Unfortunately, most of us spend it fucking about and doing nothing, with barely a memory to string together by the time college starts back up. If you're feeling motivated and want to actually make something of yourself this time round, these 8 tips might be the answer. But who am I to talk?

1) Work

This one is pretty obvious. Many people are already out there trying to sort out some sort of employment for the summer, whether it be caddying for a bunch of middle-aged, overweight amateur golfers or mowing your elderly neighbor's lawn once a week. Although you might argue that spending your time slaving away isn't your ideal plan for the time off, it'll most certainly be worth it when you're swimming in all that moolah at the end. Plus, you'll have something to fill the time between doing nothing else.

2) Learn a New Skill

From learning how to drive to becoming a world-renowned sculptor, there are a shitload of things you could be doing to improve your skill-set this summer. We've all got a load of free time, try and use yours wisely.

3) Work-Out

Don't waste those warm summer days rotting away inside. Get out and play a bit of sport, or even join the local gym (I know it's a big step). You'll feel great, and everybody will be checking out your rockin' bod when September comes rolling around #BeastMode.

4) Read

Self-improvement doesn't just stop at the gym though. Pick up a book, fact or fiction, and watch it enhance your mental capabilities (even just that little bit). You'll expand your vocabulary and generally look more intelligent.

5) Festivals

No matter where you're from, there are always tons of festivals in your locality to attend. If you don't mind pitching up in a tent for 3 days, you'll have the absolute time of your life. Between meeting strange but interesting characters, seeing your favourite artists live and drinking yourself into a pulp, you'll usually come out the other side a different person. Get on it!

6) The Romance

This one is very cliché, but you couldn't have the summer of your life without some sort of a romance. Maybe you met him/her at a circus just north of Paris, or stumbled across them at a beach party in Santa Barbara. Regardless, getting your heart broken when they have to leave will really make this summer a memorable experience. Go on, be that guy/gal.

7) Get a Piercing/Tattoo

At this stage, you're already having a fantastic few months. Mark it by getting a tattoo or piercing, a constant reminder of that crazy summer you had when in your early 20s. Be sure that you're happy with what you choose though, as neither option is temporary per se. If you're feeling a little less ballsy, why not get that haircut you always wanted but were too scared to try?

8) The Holiday

Last but not least, your summer wouldn't be complete if you didn't go away for a few days with the lads/girls. Whether it be a last-minute trip to Amsterdam or a weekend session in Lahinch, there's no excuse for not giving yourself a bit of time off before you head back to college. It's the last shebang baby!

Kevin O'Neill
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Hailing from the mean streets of Naas, Kevin has had to work for all the mildly impressive (but limited) things he's achieved in life. With a view to 'hitting the big time', this is one mediocre writer you'd better keep your eye on!

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