9 Signs You're Just Not Ready For Real Life

You’re thinking about doing another degree

A Masters in Social Science? Sounds like something that could come in handy in future. We all know that person has more letters in front of their name than life experiences. Time to get a job!


2. It's Clearly Obvious By Looking At Your Bedroom You Aren't Ready..

Yes, bunk beds are extremely cool, I have no problem admitting that, but when you're maturing you have to let that side of you go, what, if for instance you had a 'cuddle buddy' home, you can hardly tell them to take the top bunk, nobody likes the top bunk.



3. On A Night Out You Refuse To Go Home Before The Afterparty.

Back in my day it used to be all about the pre drinks and then we used to venture out and be tucked up in bed by 3. These days you kids are all about the afterparty, which is all fun and games until you have an actual job and find that sleep is more important than fun.


4. The Sheer mention of  ‘Responsibility’ Scares The Shit Out Of You.

The only thing you’ve ever been responsible for is breaking your friends phone when you spilled your drink all over it.



5. You Refuse To Clean Anything Until You Absolutely Have To.

This would be easy to do if any student accommodation have a tumble dryer, drying clothes is just way to time consuming... I'd rather be smelly.


6. You Haven't Even Considered Starting To Look For A Job Yet

Lets face it, jobs are not fun. Even if you are doing something that you absolutely love doing that doesn't change the fact that waking up on a Monday morning is still a complete shit show.



7. Pension? Mortgage?

You shouldn't even know the meaning of the word, let alone how they work.


8. You Haven’t Quite Mastered Cooking

And by mastered we mean even the take away you order tastes like shit.


9. You've Never Even Considered The Concept Of A Savings Account.

Because without money you can't have fun, and I'm fully open to being proven wrong on that point, but as much as you'll say going for a walk is nicer than going out drinking, or going to the cinema it isn't really worth sacrificing your youth for is it?


Shane Johnston
Article written by
Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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