9 Things That Happened At Every Wesley Disco

9 Things That Happened At Every Wesley Disco

Chances are, if you grew up in Southside Dublin (circa late 90s, naughties) you would have made an appearance at the D4 venue. Here are 9 things that happened at Wesley disco.

Chances are, if you grew up in Southside Dublin (circa late 90s, noughties) you would have made an appearance at Wesley disco at one time or another.

Often known as 'The Wezz,' the much-loved haunt was the place to be on a Friday night. All the cool kids went there sure! And returned home a few hours later, minus their dignity and self-respect. You know what I'm talking about! Here are 9 thing that were sure to happen at every Wesley disco.

1. You ironed your hair to death

GHD, what now? Before all these fancy inventions, self-respecting Irish teens ironed their hair back in the day. Did it sometimes break off? Yes. Did you care? No. Once it was poker straight, it was all that mattered really. Even better if you tied it back, leaving two greasy tendrils to hang down the front. Hot to trot.

Crimping was another go-to hair style for fashion forward teens.

2. The height of fashion 

Let's be honest here, this is what really went down every week. Where do we start?


If you wore a belly top coupled with a pair of pedal pushers or O' Neills, you were casual dressy. If you wore knee-high boots with a halter-neck and a pair of knickers that pretended to be a skirt, you really meant business. And lots of bangles and a big set of hoop earrings to compliment the outfit, obvs. Some of the braver ones wore double denim. Speaking of the lads, it was brown wrangler, short-sleeved checked shirts and boot-cut jeans all the way.

3. You went to town with the pan-stick and eyeliner 

If the pan-stick wasn't five shades too dark for your skin, then you weren't doing it right. And the eyeliner? Glittery blue or green all the way babes.

4. Getting dropped off miles away from the venue 

Sure how else did you neck the naggin that was cleverly disguised in a water bottle? It was also necessary if you were planning on changing into your proper clothes. Bless your mam's little cotton socks, she thought GAA tracksuits were all the rage at discos. Which brings us swiftly on to the next one..


5. The Topaz garage 

There is no way you could have gone to Wesley disco and not remember the garage!

Getting changed behind the garage into your going out clothes was all part of the Wes ritual sure.

6. The members and non-members queues 

Members? You were good to go. For non-members, this where the panic set in and your memory came into play. Did you have the right school memorised? What's the PE teacher's name? Principal who? It was a waiting-game really. All you could really do as the queue moved forward, was practice your best sober face.


7. The romance

Before Tinder and POF, Wesley was where the real magic happened. Many teens went into the disco as frigids and left as men and women.

The girls often entertained themselves with a few games of beat the slapper. Whoever shifted the most lads during the night was a worthy winner. This usually occurred after being hit with dead certs like, 'Will ya meet me mate?' or 'My mate wants to know will you meet me?'

8. The rugby grounds 

Usually the spot where girls made progress in their mission to beat the slapper. If those rugby grounds could talk...

9. Awkward dancing to classic floor fillers

Doing your best impression of Christina Aguilera in the 'Dirty' video was sure to get you a lot of bonus points among the opposite sex. Your dance moves, in reality, were a lot of difference but god loves a tryer. Maniac 2000, DJ Sammy 'Heaven' and Nelly's Hot in Herre gave you lots of inspo.

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