9 Ways Jibbr Can Save A Student's Life

College life can be improved by many things: money, any food that isn't noodles, generous friends and now Jibbr. Jibbr is a new app that allows you to exchange favours for quick cash (or for free if you're lucky/generous) and making it damn near perfect for those college days. Any help we can get that makes our college days easier, we'll gladly and enthusiastically accept. Here are nine ways Jibbr can save your life...

1) Surviving A Hangover

There are few things we can do to ease the pain of a hangover, but going into college is definitely not one of them. When you're hungover, life is shit. Add a cold house, no food and an impending essay deadline into the mix and you have yourself a day of pure misery. Jibbr can help to ease the pain. Get your friend to bring you some greasy necessities, six pints of water and a promise never to disclose what you did last night to anyone. In return, you can promise to reciprocate the favour next week. Done.

2) Skipping Out On Housework

Do you live with a type-A arsehole who leaves passive-aggressive notes on the fridge and your dirty pots on your bed? Jibbr them some compromises and save yourself a dose of high blood pressure. In exchange for them cleaning your space, you could whip up a culinary delight (Dominos) or keep the fridge stocked. That should keep the peace and your sanity in check.

3) Money/ Personal Loans


Money has long since been the bane of every student's life. By which I mean nobody ever has any. Could there be a worse feeling than trying to withdraw cash, only to discover you have 'insufficient funds'? No, I have recently discovered that there is nothing worse, ever, in the world. If you're in the depths of despair with not a cent to your name, hit up Jibbr and beg, borrow or steal from someone moderately richer than yourself. Only joking, ask first... probably.

4) Grinds/ Notes

Missed that one lecture have we? Just didn't feel up to it, that one day? What a coincidence, it appears all the notes were given out on the one day you weren't in. What to do? Well, you could put out a plea of sorts via Jibbr and hope, pray or maybe even pay for someone (more intelligent) to send you theirs. If you have no money and nothing to trade but yourself (not that way), why not offer to help them out with a class you did actually go to? Or you could degrade yourself and clean their house, if you're desperate enough.

5) College Favours

Did you fully intend going into college early to get a decent seat in the library? Did you have big plans to use your student discount card around town? Did you really want to bring back that library book but are now too hungover to leave the safe confines of your bed? Whip out your Jibbr and get begging. Promise them alcohol or food and you'll have them running errands for you in no time.


6) Obtaining Friends

Ever hosted a party, expecting roughly sixty people, but only fifteen showed up... all of the same sex? This is where Jibbr comes into play. Get your well-connected mate to bring as many hot members of the opposite sex as they can possibly gather. In return, you can promise them a feast of alcohol and no fun at all. Winning.

7) Pranks & Dares

We all have those days when we run out of cash and it seems like there's nothing to do. This is where pranking and dares - aka free entertainment - come into play. Get on Jibbr, get your mates around and get to work making complete and utter tits of yourselves and others. Then put it on the internet, obviously. Free fun for all to share.

8) For Household Essentials

Whether it's lashing rain outside and you need milk for your tea, you're sitting on the toilet and realise too late that you have no toilet paper, or you've finished your housemate's milk and are afraid they'll break you when they're inevitably forced to eat dry Cornflakes, Jibbr can help you out. Get on it, get the favour requests out and relax. Everything's gonna be just fine.

9) For A Great Night Out

Trying to organise a night out is tricky at the best of times, especially if there are women involved (no offence, ladies). When it seems like a party is more effort than it's worth, Jibbr can be a lifesaver. Forgot about speakers? Last minute change of plan about fancy dress? Realised you don't have your own alcohol and the off-license is about to close? Use Jibbr to get the word out and let one of your buddies save the day.

Alison Keogh
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Alison decided to follow a sensible career route and chose to study Media. She happens to think of herself as a kind of Irish Beyonce after four Coronas, which usually results in her being deserted on the dance-floor by her loving friends. Her horrifically short attention span seeps into many aspects of her life, resulting in her half hearing important facts and hating people who walk at a leisurely pace.

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