The Best Ways To Procrastinate Online

December is a shit month. Sure, there's Christmas and time off college, but fuck me do they make us work for it! You might have finals, you might have mid-term exams or assignments to finish. Whatever it is you have to do, you're not doing it right now. That's why you're here. But don't feel bad! Everyone needs a break. Even if you haven't started work yet, it's good to loosen up the old brain with some inane madness or celestial inspiration.

The unfortunate truth is that you're on your laptop, which is connected to the madness of the world wide web. There's just so much to see! You never had a chance but, in a way, you're broadening your knowledge... Here are the best ways to procrastinate, with a few examples to keep you away from tiresome study.

Cute Animal Clips

This one is fairly standard, but it's one of the easier traps to fall into. Everyone's Facebook feed is constantly inundated with streams of wide-eyed, fluffy animals. One links to another and before you know it, you're watching home videos of a rotund cat in Peru. WTF just happened?

Binge On Your Favorite YouTuber


Most people are guilty of this one at one time or another. We all have favorite YouTubers and it's very easy to fall into the trap of watching a series of their videos, while the hours fly by. Even worse is finding a new YouTuber you enjoy and trawling their back-catalogue to catch up. Bye-bye Physics exam, hello 6-hour session of YouTube and Maltesers.

Amazing Stunts/Tricks

This a personal favourite. I can legitimately waste an entire day watching clips like the one below. It's even worse when you've gone to the library at 9 am to study and find that you've spent the first two hours watching amazing shit like this.


Conspiracy Videos

How deep does the rabbit hole go? Well, what better time to find out than when you have a Victorian Literature essay due in the morning! I really don't advise falling into this trap, because you'll have to empty your mind to make way for all the mind-boggling madness.

Prank Clips


Prank clips are common and YouTube channels devoted solely to pranking are now standard. But sometimes, you'll stumble onto something great. Usually, a friend who's trying to drag you down with them will send it to you. Something like the Remi Gaillard clip below. Once you watch one, you can pretty much wave goodbye to the possibility of study in the near future.

People Who Are Good At Life

Watching some epic wins is a great way to waste time, while simultaneously making yourself feel even more useless than you already did.


TED Talks

If you're feeling properly guilty about dodging the books, TED talks are the way to go. To be fair, you can often find things about your own subject, so you have justification for your procrastination!


Obviously, CollegeTimes is the best possible way to spend your time on the internet. With a never-ending supply of quality content to keep you entertained, we have all your procrastination needs catered for right here... Enjoy!

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Jack Cahill
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Jack is a recent UCD English & Film graduate. He has an uncanny ability to disappear for weeks at a time in order to embrace the introvert within. Between writing,watching films and cursing like a drunk sailor he lives life to the fullest by doing nothing that could be considered interesting in almost any capacity whatsoever.

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