Can Guys And Girls Ever Be Just Friends?: Part Two

So here at CollegeTimes we are getting different opinions on this ancient question that has been asked since the dawn of time. Can men and women ever just be friends? Now it's my turn to shed a little bit of light on the question. I say absolutely they can but it depends on how you want to categorize it.

I'm not sure if it counts in the 'just friends' parameters but I have a couple of friends that I've had sex with and it hasn't changed anything. Neither of us are in love with the other and things just carried on as normal, except we can make some stupid jokes with each other about it. In the end it's just a bit of fun for the sake of it and then going back to normal.


I have plenty of female friends that I've never had sex with and have no desire to have sex with. It's not that they aren't good looking and it's not that "we're better off as friends". I do find some of my friends attractive, honestly that's probably the reason we started talking in the first place but that doesn't always have to be the central goal of talking to someone.

The beneficial side of it is that if you start out a friendship with someone and theres attraction there but nothing happening it kinda builds up into serious sexual tension. The only way to get rid of that sexual tension is either to cut each other off or just bang and get it over with then go back to how you were before but the air is a little clearer after.




The thing that seems to be a hot topic lately is the idea of the friendzone. Personally I don't believe it's a thing, someone doesn't find you attractive so there shouldn't be this kind of guilt or pressure that goes with it. It's not your fault that you're just so damn lovable. But there are plenty of benefits to having a best friend of the opposite sex and not 'friends with benefits' benefits.

One friend fixed up my tinder profile and I started getting easily double the matches... ya know, for whatever that's worth. They can give you advice from their perspective, rather than just your mate Dave telling you shit he's read in Pornhub comments and passing it off like he's an expert in female psychology. That kind of knowledge from the source is invaluable to have because as a guy, I'm clueless as to what women think.




You don't need to be open about everything, there are some things guys and girls just don't wanna hear but it works the same way. There's some things that you can't say to your guys friends or maybe you just don't wanna. Maybe you just want to tell it to a girl because you think she'll understand it better. So short answer is I wouldn't say it's possible to have a friend of the opposite sex, I'd say it's a necessity.

Sean Quigley

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