Level 8 CAO Courses Points Below 250 Have Been Revealed

Level 8 CAO Courses Points Below 250 Have Been Revealed

While 60% of course points dropped this year, a number of courses remain accessible to students. A number of these Level 8 courses are within Institutions of Technology and are worth keeping in mind for 2019:

Level 8 (Honours)

Institute of Technology, Carlow

CW108 Business 250 points

CW028 Early Childhood Education & Care 249 points




DL822 Arts Management 193

DL835 Creative Media Technology 226

DL836 Creative Computing 242

Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown

BN113 Horticulture 245 points

Institute of Technology, Tallaght


TA023 Advertising & Marketing Communications 219

TA026 International Hospitality & Tourism Management 186

TA121 Accounting & Finance 218

TA122 Management 221

TA123 Marketing Management 226

TA125 International Business 210


TA221 Electronic Engineering 226

TA222 Mechanical Engineering 226

TA223 Sustainable Energy Engineering

TA224 Biomedical Design 228

TA225 Automation Engineering 236

TA322 Computing 228


Galway - Mayo Institute of Technology

GA282 Heritage Studies 209

GA381 International Hotel Management 226

GA382 Culinary & Gastronomic Science 244

GA384 Event Management with Public Relations 209

GA887 History & Geography 228


GA982 Furniture & Wood Technology 245

Limerick Institute Of Technology

LC226 Business (Enterprise & Innovation) 235

LC517 Creative Media & Design 246

Institute of Technology, Sligo

SG143 Business in International Marketing & Sales With German 245


Waterford Institute of Technology

WD200 Arts 220

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

LY219 Business -with Spanish or Irish 229

LY508 Fire Safety Engineering 242


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