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I finally gave in. I finally decided it was time to embrace change and join the ranks of women with long, fluttery and beautiful eyelashes. After all, there's only so much that mascara, however brilliant it may be, can do. And so it was off to Christoph Eye Couture in The Powerscourt Centre, I went.

Christoph Eye Couture, is a small, sparkling little gem, tucked away in the corner on the ground floor. Once you step inside you instantly forget the hordes of shoppers just steps away from you, because now, you're in a quiet, clean little haven. First things first, I had a mini consultation. They were very thorough, ensuring that I'd have the best experience, get the best value for money and ensuring that I had no eye problems to boot. Once everything had been ticked off, I was settled in and told that all I had to do now was relax. Excellent! They prepped my eyes, removed any eyeliner/ mascara and then off to work they went. Each lash is applied by hand, one by one, so you can only imagine the training involved. Christoph told me that the lashes are made of silk, unlike many other eyelash extensions, meaning that they stay soft, fluttery and freshlooking, as opposed to some other lashes, which go hard, chunky and spidery looking.

The whole process took a little over an hour and it was so relaxing that I actually dozed off a few times. Always a good sign. When I saw the final results, I must admit, I was very pleasantly surprised. I had almost been expecting something quite drag queen esq, probably a result of seeing too many cheap sets on a Saturday night out.

In Christophs capable care however, my lashes looked totally natural, but ten times better than they had an hour previously. Long, fluttery, soft and super flattering, no mascara could ever compare. Christoph told me to steer clear of water for the next 24 hours and not to use any oil based products on my eyes. He gave me lots of more tips on keeping them in mint condition, including what make up to avoid, how to clean my eyes and he even gave me two brushes for keeping them spick and span.


Prices start at €59 for the most natural lashes and will vary depending on which lashes you decide upon. They offer 15% off to students and results can last for up to four weeks (take it from me, it seriously cuts down on the morning ritual.) If you have an event or a holiday coming up then you should really go ahead and treat yourself, after all, how much do you spend on mascaras, eyelash curlers and fake lashes every month? My only fear now is that I might get hooked on them...

Visit Christoph Eye Couture 

Powerscourt Centre, 59 William Street South, Dublin 2



Alison Keogh
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