Any J1 Students Are Entitled To Hundreds Of Euro In Tax Back

Any J1 Students Are Entitled To Hundreds Of Euro In Tax Back

If you're in need of some serious cash and have recently been on a J1 then look no further. Students who have travelled on the J1 programme in the last four years could be entitled to a lump sum of up to €644 in tax refunds., a tax refund specialist, are giving students three weeks to claim their refunds if they have traveled to the United States in 2014. It is also advised that, while students who've gone on J1s in the intervening years, don't yet have a deadline they must adhere to, due to changes Trump has made to the tax system with regard to foreign workers, this may be the last year that any student who's been on a J1 since 2014 can avail of this taxback, so the advice is to take this opportunity while it's definitely still open.

According to the, Eileen Devereux, the Commercial Director of, said:

In introducing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, President Trump eliminated the personal exemption for tax years 2018 through 2025. This is likely to affect the thousands of Irish students who go to the US every summer to work. We’re calling on anyone who took part in this programme over the last 4 years to come forward & get their refund – particularly anyone who was there in the summer of 2014 as their window to claim is closing soon – after April 17th they will no longer be eligible for a refund.

Over 7,000 students participated in the work programme in the US and Canada last summer. After changes made by Trump, students will be additionally taxed. J1 students abide by non-resident tax rules and regulations.

The deadline for claiming back tax from 2014 is April 17. Click here to see if you're entitled to some cash back from the last four years.

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