Craicpack, An Irish Hangover Box You Can Send To Your Friend Abroad

Craicpack, An Irish Hangover Box You Can Send To Your Friend Abroad

As someone who lived abroad for a fair share of my twenties, on more than one occasion when suffering from an all mighty hangover, I thought "Wouldn't it be fantastic if I had a box with all my favourite hangover snacks in one place". Someone far more enterprising than me has put this into action and cleverly called in the CraicPack.

CraicPack is the perfect remedy for a relentless hangover with the common side effects of neediness, banging headache and homesickness.

CraicPack offers three different boxes, all priced from 45.00, a small price to pay for happiness.


Classic Box


The classic box is a carefully curated a selection of the Irish treats that people miss most when living abroad including Cadbury Dairy Milk, Tayto Crisps, King Crisps, Barry’s or Lyons (because everyone has their personal preference) Tea and Ballymaloe Relish.

The Hangover Box

And finally, to fight off the fear The Hangover Box with well- know Irish cures including Lyons or Barry’s Tea, McDonnell’s Spice Bag Mix, McDonnell’s Curry Sauce, Pot Noodle, Tayto Crisps,  O’Donnells of Tipperary Crisps, Bacon Fries, 2 x Dairy Milk, McVities biscuits and Batchelor Beans.

Notions Box

The Notions box contains a list of treats - essentially targeted at those who started doing their big shop at Dunnes after it went all fancy. You order yoruself one of these puppies and before you know it your domicile will be riddled with Ballymaloe relishes, Butlers chocolate and some of the more upmarket crisp brands - the types of crisps that are so voluminous and crunchy that your mouth will be bleeding after you eat a bag of them.

You can earn serious brownie points with friends by sending them a CraicPack or you can order a monthly subscription.

Find out more about CraicPack here.

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Deirdre Kelly

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