The Differences Between A Holiday With Your Girlfriend & A Lads' Holiday

Romantic, relaxed, peaceful. These are just some of the words you would use to describe a holiday with your other half. However, they are not some of the words you would use to describe a holiday with the lads.Words used to describe a lads' holiday would be, for example, loud, painful, and smelly. If you're a girl and have never been on a lads' holiday, you'll soon find out what I'm talking about:

You're Less Likely To Go Missing

When you're away with your girl/boyfriend, there's only two of you, so it's pretty easy to keep track of the other person. However, when you're on a holiday with your mates, there's usually quite a large number of you, and as a result, getting everybody home after a night out is sometimes very optimistic. Every group of friends has that guy that just wanders off on a night out, and this guy is not just likely to go missing, he could be gone for a whole day. There's never usually anything to worry about, they usually find their way home, albeit without their phone, shoes, possibly their clothes, and probably €200 worse off than when you all went out the night before. But without a care in the world.

You're Less Likely To Get Injured

Fetishes involving whips aside, it is much more likely that you will you be injured on a lads' holiday. When walking through the town at night with your other half, you will walk along quite normally, never once thinking about climbing that scaffolding or jumping into that bin. Compare this with walking through the same town with the lads, and the whole thing is suddenly an episode of Total Wipeout, and it is a competition to see which one of you can do the stupidest, most dangerous thing possible, before the inevitable visit to the emergency room, where, funny enough, you'll meet the couple with the aforementioned whip lashings.

You See Different Parts Of the Day


A couple's holiday is not all about drinking, and seeing who can down the most fishbowls while standing on their head, as is the case with a lads' holiday. As a result, the hangovers aren't quite as bad, and you may even get out of bed before 3pm. This means that you might go to the beach, or go do some touristy things, picking up a healthy tan along the way. Contrast this with some people who go away on lads' holidays, who never get up early enough to get out into the sun and might even come home paler than when they left. Bats see more sun than these people.

There's Not As Much Messing With Sun Cream

In the unlikely event that some of you actually do make it outside for a bit of sunbathing, as sure as the sky is blue, one of you will fall asleep, and will get a penis drawn on your back with the sun cream. This joke will never ever get old, and anyone who ever misses the opportunity to do this to one of their friends needs to have a long hard look at themselves. Contrast this with a couple's holiday, if it does actually happen that your partner falls asleep in the sun and you draw a penis on them, you also need to take a long hard look at yourself. Funny and all as it might be, it is never okay to draw a penis on your girlfriend's back, and I have never done this once.... Or twice.... Or several times....

The Apartment Smells Nicer

This point comes from just simple maths. If there is only one guy in an apartment, and he is living with a girl, he will not fart much, if at all, and will usually go outside out of courtesy (This is of course excluding the times when an opportunity for a Dutch Oven presents itself. Google it if you don't know what it is). Now compare to this to an apartment with six guys in it, who are surviving on a diet composed entirely of beer and kebabs. Not only are there more sources of farts, but these sources are almost always trying to outdo one another, and produce the worst (or best depending on your point of view) smell of the holiday.

You Know Who You're Going To Wake Up Beside In The Morning

Again, unless you're into some weird stuff in the bedroom, when you wake up, it is your other half who will be in the bed beside you. This is not always the case with a lads' holiday. There could anything from one of the lads who came in too drunk to tell which bed is his, one of the girls from the club last night who's name you can't remember, or even a traffic cone, which at 5am last night you thought was the coolest thing you'd ever seen and insisted on wearing it on your head the whole way home.

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