Easy Ways For Students To Make Money During College...

The source of all evil. Men live and die for it. Human happiness depends on it. Ladies and gentlemen, I am of course talking about money. This is the definitive list of quick fixes for your money woes. Here are the easiest ways for students to make money...

  • Sperm Donation

American Pie-esque movies have lead us to believe that this is a viable option for financial subsistence. Unfortunately, if it was this easy, we’d all be at it. There are thorough and rigorous processes that you must go through, before you can be given cash for blowing your wad.

  • Organ Donation

You’d want to be seriously fucking broke to even consider this. There are significant potential side effects and it’s probably not worth it in the long run. Bear in mind, this is an extremely short-term solution. Also, you can only do it once or twice.

  • Chugging For Charity

This is when you become one of those annoying people who try to sign people up for charity subscriptions. You’ll make a few bob. Ultimately, it's for the greater good. Unfortunately, you’ll be massively unpopular.

  • Medical Research

This is highly controversial. It could also ruin your life. But then again, you could get a couple of dolla dolla bills yo. Not but seriously, it's advisable you try and avoid this route. It’s simply not worth it.

  • Focus Groups

If you can, get involved with a marketing company. Find out when and where they're holding focus groups. You get paid for giving your opinion... it’s the easiest money you’ll ever make in your life.

  • Start your own company

This is the most under-utilized of all the options listed. The rewards are limitless. Hard work and determination are required and, let’s face it, if you clicked on this article in the first place, they’re probably not your forté.

  • Get a job

Realistically, this is probably the best option. It’s fail-safe, bro.

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