Essentials For The Perfect Summer Barbecue

Hopefully there's still a bit of sun left in this Irish summer, and with that in mind, here is a list of the things you'll need to host the perfect barbecue, for when it does show itself.


The staple diet of any barbecue. This is the starting point, always.


People who eat burgers without buns just shouldn't be trusted.


Burger Toppings

Everything from tomato and lettuce to cheese and bacon. Give people the chance to garnish their burger just the way they like it.

Chicken (Marinated)

And if you're really prepared, have it marinating in the fridge the night before. Those bad boys are sure to be nice and tender after that.


Any Other Meat You Can Think Of

One thing you can never have enough of at a barbecue is meat. Regardless of how much you've bought, it will be cooked, and it will be eaten.


I can't put into words how much I love coleslaw. I just hope you feel the same way. But even if you don't, some of your friends are bound so best to get it just in case.


Baked Potatoes

The single easiest way to cook potatoes, all you need is an oven, some tinfoil and patience. But if you don't have any patience, just microwave them instead. Easy.


It is simply not possible to have too many sauces at a barbecue.



Tell people to bring their own, but just to be safe, stock up on some. It doesn't have to be expensive...

More Beer

... Because the fancy stuff is all for you. There are some absolutely brilliant craft beers being made in Ireland at the moment, and there's so much variety that there genuinely is something for everyone.


Ice Bucket

The "coolest" way to keep the beer cold... Sorry...

Soft Drinks

For the unfortunate people who have an early start the next morning, or have to drive home. I pity them.


iPod & Speakers

Have a playlist sorted as well, and then put it out of reach. There is nothing more annoying than when a song is only allowed to play for a minute before someone decides to change it.

Garden Furniture

Where else are people going to sit? Inside? It's a barbecue for god's sake! We might not be in Spain or anywhere that's actually warm, but there's no harm in pretending.

Loads Of Cutlery And Plates

Buy cheap stuff is don't think you'll have enough, and then just throw it all out afterwards. Makes the clean-up a lot easier.

David Sweeney
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David has the most relevant qualifications of all of the writers at CollegeTimes, having just completed 3 years of an Electrical Engineering degree in UCD.

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