Exam Stress: How not to fail...hopefully

It's that time of year again.Time to freak the fuck out, because much like every other year. You did not do all the reading, and assignments the week you got them. You left everything until now.So you have a week to fit in a whole semester, in to your overloaded brain.

Tip No.1

Five 19th Century Novels in one week. Challenge accepted. Oh Hello Sparknotes let me introduce you to, my list of random quotes that might possibly make my point valid. This works with most topics. It also helps to try read a few chapters of each.So you can really fluff out your bullshit.


Tip No. 2

Get off Facebook. It is a blackhole that teaches you, nothing but jealousy and procrastination. Every time you see that status saying, "exams finished!" or "12 pubs of Christmas here I come". Will kill you a tiny bit each time.It's also a breathing ground for more vocal exam stressers, that will stress you out more.In a vicious circle of panic.



Tip No. 3

Do not try studying hung over. You're still a bit drunk, the words are blurry. Your notes consist of 'Emma Bovary was a bit of a slag' . Concentration is low. So if it's really necessary, try and get a couple hours study in the evening.



Tip No. 4

Swap essays.We are all in this shit ship together.If your course is sound this will really help. You get all the info you need in 1500 words.


Tip No. 5

Relax there's always repeats. Failing an exam is not the end of the world.  However it does cost money to repeat.  Precious money that could be used for much more important things like naggins and bus tickets. So lets try not to fail.

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Chloe Christie
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Student at I.A.D.T, lover of the Dangerzone.

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