10 Fictional Guys We All Fell Madly In Love With

Fiction. It’s the vehicle of horror, comedy, tragedy and most importantly romance. The major loves of my life have been with men that don’t actually exist. This fact alone raises the standard for real men to a stratospheric level. So, for your reading pleasure, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten fictional men that we have all fallen madly in love with.

1. Jamie Fraser - Outlander

Thank God for Diana Gabaldon for giving us the male masterpiece that is James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser. The character in both the novel, and in the new smash hit TV show, Jamie is portrayed as the ultimate in masculine perfection. He’s no pretty boy, Edward Cullen type either. As a Scottish clansmen, the majority of the time Jamie is dirty and sweaty, either from protecting his women, fighting British red coats, or doing the nasty. Jamie is strong, brave, and as he begins the novel as an unlikely virgin, he is portrayed as the sensitive, funny yet incredibly sexy male lead that every woman needs in her life.

2. Stiles Stilinksi – Teen Wolf

Ah Stiles, the mystery of his actual name is only overshadowed by his sheer sex appeal. As a character in MTV’s Teen Wolf, Stiles is the perfect blend of sarcastic, vulnerable, and just downright sexy. Playing the comedic foil, Dylan O’Brien (a sex symbol in his own right) with his soulful brown eyes and uncontrollably goofy limbs, is a girls dream boyfriend to bring home to our parents. I dare anyone to watch an episode or two and not come away from it wanting Stiles to be your boyfriend or best friend. It’s impossible, it's true love, and it's oh so real.

3. Jay Gatsby – The Great Gatsby


The title character of the famous novel The Great Gatsby, Gatsby may well have been one of the first ever worldwide heartthrobs. A wealthy, mysterious man with a heart of gold and unwillingness to let go of his love for an undeserving woman, what’s not to like? In the novel, Jay takes an unassuming protégé in Nick Carraway and as a result, the love affair between Jay and Daisy, the object of Gatsby’s affection, and Nick’s cousin, comes to light. Through this story, we see Jay as a loving, caring and unshakably loyal man and, if we are all being honest with ourselves, isn’t that all we really want in a man? If you agree, then Jay Gatsby is definitely your fictional husband.

4. Charlie – The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud

Ben Sherwood’s character Charlie St. Cloud is the epitome of a damaged, tragic, sexy character. Throughout the novel, and the movie starring Zac Efron (major brownie points there), Charlie mourns the death of his younger brother Sam, but finds new love in competitive sailor Tess. Even watching the film, ever girl wants a guy to fight for her, and care for her the way that Charlie does for Tess, and when you pile on the fact that its Zac Efron’s smouldering eyes staring back at you, it’s impossible to stop yourself from falling just a little bit in love. I challenge any woman to look at Charlie St. Cloud and not want to pull him in for a hug to mend his broken heart, and at the same time rip of his clothes and have your way with him. It’s an unavoidable love that I am strangely okay with.

5. Robert Langdon – The Da Vinci Code


This is a weird one, even I admit. There is something about a sexy, clever, older man who is rich, well educated and knows what he is doing with his life that just gets the heart beating a little bit faster. Plus, the fact that he has saved the Vatican City and saved the ancestors of Mary Magdalene helps. Dan Browne’s book’s portray Langdon as the suave older man, and in the movie’s he’s played by Tom Hanks. If you say that you aren’t harbouring a secret crush on the voice of Toy Story's Woody you are lying to yourself.

6. Jess Mariano - Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Girls brought so much joy into our young lives, and it’s quick jokes and walk and talk gossip was only surpassed by the sexual enigma that was Jess Mariano. Everybody loves a bad boy and Jess was certainly that. Playing by his own rules and giving zero fucks about how his actions affected those around him, even his girlfriend Rory, Jess’s attitude to life was pretty much every teenage girls dream. Though now we can see him for the good looking ass that he actually was, those feelings still remain the same. Every girl need a bad boy crush, even is he isn’t real.

7. Columbus Ohio – Zombieland

Columbus Ohio, played by the adorably awkward Jesse Eisenberg, can seem like the bumbling, awkward guy that girls would typically overlook. The major shift in character through out the movie however changes our minds. The once rigid rule abider breaks most, if not all of his zombie survival rules to save the girl he love from a pack flesh eating zombies. To have a guy completely change his outlook on life for you and become the person you always wanted him to be is the dream, and a perfect example of why we fall in love with fictional characters.


8. Ron Weasley – Harry Potter

The perpetual best friend, Ron Weasley started out as the goofy ginger friend, and eventually turned into the man we were willing to fight Hermione for. The steady progress from boy to man happens so subtly in JK Rowling’s book series that your attraction to Ron, not only as a character but as a man comes as a surprise even to you. He’s clumsy, dorky, and so bloody cute. What else could you ever need from a prospective partner. And hey, you don’t see Hermione complaining about Ron’s wand anymore do you?

9. Jake Peralta – Brooklyn Nine Nine

This one was easy. Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta is the quick witted, hilariously childish detective from TV’s Brooklyn Nine Nine. I myself can’t explain why Peralta is so damn hot. Maybe it’s the goofy smile, or the erratic actions of a full blown man child. Whatever it is, and however frustrated we might get with his at time thoughtless actions, the flecks of sincerity and genuine bravery he shows at times, a girl can’t help but get pulled back in. Then again, it could be the uniform. Who doesn’t love a man of action?

10. Jack Wilder – Now You See Me

Magicians aren’t usually up there on the list of sexy career paths but somehow, Dave Franco makes the young Jack Wilder seem irresistible. He’s funny, cute, young, and begging for approval. Throughout the movie he masters his skills as a magician and becomes apart of the elite magic society known as The Eye. Come on girls, he’s a member of an exclusive society, and with all of those card dexterity tricks, you know he’s good with his hands.

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